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1.  Review: Very intuitive song. We like it
Song Name: Pathways
Date: 2010-10-13 13:36:35
Reviewer: The Er Brothers

Song Name: The Same Way
Date: 2010-10-13 05:56:22
Reviewer: Melsi


Pennan Brae's Information


Chilled, Laid Back Pop Rock

About Us:
“There is a lot of success in finishing something and enjoying the moment of how all of the parts came together. I get a lot of satisfaction in that.” Hailing from the east coast of Canada, singer-songwriter Pennan Brae has carved out an incredible niche for himself as a truly independent music artist. Making his own way with his talent and passion as a guide, he has achieved a level of success normally reserved for artists with a team of executives pulling the strings. For Pennan, there was no compromise when it came to his art, it has been an obsession for as long as he can remember; he always knew he wanted to play music, and have the ability to express the emotions that were driving him.

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'The Same
Way' (UFO
Music Video)


'Don't Know
'Bout Love'
by Pennan


Happy Face
Music Video


'Won't You
Spend The
Night WIth
Me' by
Pennan Brae


'Fling' by
Pennan Brae


Need You Now 


Have You
Ever Been


Goin' Down 


'If I Lose
You' by
Pennan Brae






On The


'For You' by
Pennan Brae


by Pennan


Missing' by
Pennan Brae


Music Video
by Pennan


'Need A
Woman So
Bad' by
Pennan Brae


'Signs' by
Pennan Brae


Man' by
Pennan Brae


'Blind Love'
by Pennan

Flowh Calendar


2011-09-20 at 18:21:57
Hi and thanks for your interest. You have a smooth style, professional rendered. Keep making' music!
2011-09-14 at 14:18:10
Great music! love your style and voice! amazing! wish you all the best and thanks for your support!
2011-09-12 at 22:58:23
Video shoot complete for Pennan Brae's single, 'If I Lose You'. Directed by Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films & shot in Bend, Oregon. Special thanks to Chris Kas & featuring 10 of Bend's best beauties including Michelle Brown, Jennfer Clark & Sherry Tran.

http:/ /
2011-09-08 at 13:05:16
Video performing my single 'Walk With Me' on CJSF 90.1FM's 'Melodies in Mind' program with Ryan Fletcher.
2011-04-29 at 02:58:39
Great stuff on here!
2011-04-27 at 13:31:47
Hi, just stopped by to wish you luck and love! Great you managed to be on featured artists wall. Keep up the great work! Calley
2011-04-03 at 18:52:07
hi Pennan, thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music! Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall, as you will see yourself up there soon..congrats. Have a super Sunday! peace, Paddy
2010-10-13 at 23:27:55
Hi Pennan. Nice to meet you. Congratulations on making the Featured Wall. Have a great week! Phil the Er on the left
2010-10-13 at 11:51:28
Yeah! Good too see you as featured artist on IMRadio! You rock!! Love, Calley
2010-10-13 at 05:01:16
Hi ~ RickyFingerz the alien here ~ I have created our own BC social club packed with artists, friends & fans. It's time we had one too. We also have our own Space Band Booking Agency. If U wish your songs aired on my radio network contact one of our admin's there, Al Cox Records ~ We are also adding more radio hosts ~ If U host or want your own Live Radio Video shows WE WANT YOU ~ We plan to go 24/7 with our shows~Comedy as well ~ http://alienfingerz.ning. com/page/cox-music-show ~ Make sure there R NO Spaces in this URL Link between the DOT & COM
2010-10-04 at 09:34:03
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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