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The back catalogue is available to download for free from New album "From under the covers" out now AP

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Hello everyone One track from each of my albums (except Quiet which is a compile) If you want to hear the albums go to s IT'S ALL FREE!



B anywhere 




Lying about


They Scraped
me up


And it's
about too


Matthew the
teddy bear


That Feeling 


The wind and
the rain


Summers gone 


Red Amber

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2014-10-21 at 02:58:58
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2014-04-29 at 17:15:05
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2013-02-17 at 10:19:46
New album coming soon
2012-10-14 at 18:42:05
New album out called "From under the covers" on AP
2012-08-05 at 07:21:33
Vid for B anywhere added
2012-08-04 at 11:38:27
I'm sorry but I realised I hadn't 'fanned' back you good people who are following me here. I have rectified that oversight today, My apologies, AP
2012-08-02 at 07:39:35
I meant to add that the "Drink" album has been re-issued with 2 tracks off and 1 Track added AP
2012-06-10 at 12:05:57
Hi andrewpurcellmusic, thanks for emailing the link to your outstanding new song, B Anywhere. We hope you will upload it here on IMRadio, so we can get it into IMRadio's radio rotation. Have a super Sunday! peace, Paddy Noonan
2012-01-10 at 13:19:23
I'm having trouble with the IM player anyone else?
2012-01-10 at 08:22:16
Yeah, the end of trash is very good. I guess you've done everything on yo Own. I'll look for yo 14 album to listen. Peace
2011-04-12 at 13:05:44
Hello, I'm a producer in Japan (#1 in Hip-hop and #8 across all genre in Japan on the ReverbNation chart and many songs on top of the SoundClick charts). I post 1 monthly new song that I mixed, composed or arranged with artists from all over the world and all genre. It's the monthly tune project! Check it out!_____________________ ________ My Headquarter and mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ ______________ - Thank you- Remi Desroques http://www.wavereaderprod .com
2010-12-23 at 19:26:59
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all
2010-11-30 at 09:30:24
Whatever it takes Paddy N.B.Any resemblance to My album cover for DRINK and the first solo Rory Gallagher solo album is purely intentional!!!!
2010-10-05 at 00:19:45
Hello, I go on Holiday and return find people I don't know or have met before want to be my friend and are listening and streaming my music and giving positive feedback. Thank you so very much, it's very humbling.
2010-09-23 at 11:06:47
Nice tunes!
2010-09-16 at 11:08:56
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
2010-09-16 at 07:52:53
Well hello everyone.

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