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1.  Review: Love the Guitar work, good vocals, nice melody
Song Name: To Be Human
Date: 2011-10-25 15:34:47
Reviewer: TC

2.  Review: excellent tune!!! Michael
Song Name: I Wish You Wanted Me
Date: 2011-08-28 00:14:46
Reviewer: The Michael Patrick Band

3.  Review: other fave song .....
Song Name: We Gotta Live Together
Date: 2010-12-12 19:41:54
Reviewer: jerry9999

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Willits, CA


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Anybody Listening is Now Available!

Anybody Listening? is now available on CDBaby and should start appearing on all websites over the next few days... Streaming and download as well as CD available... You can find it on the Music Store on the Deep Space Records Facebook page as well as the Downloads page at and ...... Get your copy now while they're fresh!

Anybody Listening? New Album From In Exile!

Hi to All My Friends And Fans - The new album from In Exile called Anybody Listening has been released . Copies are on the way to the stores and streaming/download sites as we speak and should start appearing over the next couple of weeks! Life is very hard for most of us right now and I must admit to being very close to destitute, but I endeavor to make my music available to all who might enjoy it for as long as I am able... So I just uploaded song #1 from the album to IMRadio... It's called Bad Circumstance... and I have uploaded another song (#14) called Ain't No Way to Reverbnation at I hope you enjoy them, and look for more if/when I can... and maybe buy a copy of the album or a few songs through CDBaby or elsewhere ASAP... Thanks and Happy Holiday To All Keni

Old Song Posted

I just posted this one from my 2005 album Chill Time. it's a bit old, but I like it and I thought some of you might too! It's called Lost In Another World

Last Count on RMR Chart!

My last album (Out Of My Mind) was on the RMR Top 50 Roots Country/Americana Internet Radio Airplay Chart for 27 of 31 weeks. Astounding! It reached as high as #15 for a few of those weeks. Many thanks to all of you for helping make it happen.

Final Songs of New Album Uploaded!

Hi Gang... I just uploaded It's A Runaround and I'm Losin' it which are the final songs from my most recent album Big Old Universe. Got a few minutes? I'd love for you to hear them! Keni (In Exile)


Flowh Calendar


2011-01-12 at 12:46:33
Nice guitar work,
2011-01-12 at 07:13:46
I'm diggin it guys!
2011-01-12 at 04:01:04
Hi, really good music you have got here ! I hope that your year have started of fine and that it will become Great ! Take care and "Catch the Beauty of Life"/ Denne
2011-01-11 at 23:56:21
thankyou , you have some great music as well keep it up, and keep doing what it is you do, which is music,cause you choose it !!! frank da tank,2011
2011-01-11 at 17:28:43
Thanks for the friend add- took a listen;sounds great- professional.WTG
2011-01-11 at 07:48:51
good stuff! liked the vocals
2011-01-11 at 02:16:20
Thanks for the friendship! Good music! Keep it up!
2011-01-11 at 00:51:40
2011-01-10 at 15:23:30
Hey, thanks for the follow man... good sounds :) Will
2011-01-10 at 01:05:00
Most Of The Time When I Get A New Fan I Often Wonder What I Will Be Walking Into When I Check Them Out. More Often Than Not I Find The Artist In Need Of A Studio, Or More Training. However When I Came To Your Page I Was Not Disappointed In What I Heard. You Have It Together, & Its Not Hard To Imagine That You Will Go Far In Your Musical Endeavours. Good Music, Great Recording Quality, And A Pleasant Rhythm That Is Hard To Pin Down To Any Genre'. Anyway, Thanks For The Add, And I Hope You Truly Do Become A Fan.
2011-01-10 at 01:03:09
Thanx for the friendship! Cool stuff! Cheers and have a great week! Jane
2011-01-09 at 22:40:29
Hey,this is a badd ass song I'm hearing man,(when I say badd I mean really great,ok?)I'm really feelin' it.GREAT JOB!
2011-01-09 at 21:57:45
Good Stuff Guys!! Definitely enjoyed the listen!!
2011-01-09 at 18:47:05
thanks ,,,good music
2011-01-09 at 17:32:07
2011-01-09 at 16:33:38
2011-01-09 at 16:13:48
thanks for checking out my tracks
2011-01-09 at 11:47:03
Best Wishes for your 2011 In Exile! Keep on Rock ciao Hide
2011-01-09 at 10:18:50
Thanks In Exile 4 becoming a fan of mines & checking out my music...I luv your work also...Keep making it do what it do...Vote 4 me to be the next artist signed @ /trixx repeatedly...Greenupp...T rixx ind
2011-01-09 at 07:17:29
Thanx a lot 4 being a fan. Nice songs here. Cheers, Basil.
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