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1.  Review: Love the Guitar work, good vocals, nice melody
Song Name: To Be Human
Date: 2011-10-25 15:34:47
Reviewer: TC

2.  Review: excellent tune!!! Michael
Song Name: I Wish You Wanted Me
Date: 2011-08-28 00:14:46
Reviewer: The Michael Patrick Band

3.  Review: other fave song .....
Song Name: We Gotta Live Together
Date: 2010-12-12 19:41:54
Reviewer: jerry9999

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Willits, CA


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Anybody Listening is Now Available!

Anybody Listening? is now available on CDBaby and should start appearing on all websites over the next few days... Streaming and download as well as CD available... You can find it on the Music Store on the Deep Space Records Facebook page as well as the Downloads page at and ...... Get your copy now while they're fresh!

Anybody Listening? New Album From In Exile!

Hi to All My Friends And Fans - The new album from In Exile called Anybody Listening has been released . Copies are on the way to the stores and streaming/download sites as we speak and should start appearing over the next couple of weeks! Life is very hard for most of us right now and I must admit to being very close to destitute, but I endeavor to make my music available to all who might enjoy it for as long as I am able... So I just uploaded song #1 from the album to IMRadio... It's called Bad Circumstance... and I have uploaded another song (#14) called Ain't No Way to Reverbnation at I hope you enjoy them, and look for more if/when I can... and maybe buy a copy of the album or a few songs through CDBaby or elsewhere ASAP... Thanks and Happy Holiday To All Keni

Old Song Posted

I just posted this one from my 2005 album Chill Time. it's a bit old, but I like it and I thought some of you might too! It's called Lost In Another World

Last Count on RMR Chart!

My last album (Out Of My Mind) was on the RMR Top 50 Roots Country/Americana Internet Radio Airplay Chart for 27 of 31 weeks. Astounding! It reached as high as #15 for a few of those weeks. Many thanks to all of you for helping make it happen.

Final Songs of New Album Uploaded!

Hi Gang... I just uploaded It's A Runaround and I'm Losin' it which are the final songs from my most recent album Big Old Universe. Got a few minutes? I'd love for you to hear them! Keni (In Exile)


Flowh Calendar


2011-02-17 at 18:19:35
thanks for the add ;) xox The Scent of you turns Me On, my last cd just out have agreat day xox Lulu
2011-02-17 at 04:07:01
I have nothing to sell, just my songs to share here. There are half a dozen posted here. If you like them, I'd be happy. If you'd wish to play them, I'd be joyfull... Who knows ?
2011-02-16 at 02:17:29
listening to your song "we gotta live together", good vocals -all clear and melodic, and a great soundin original song - good luck
2011-02-14 at 07:40:04
Thanks for the friendship. Cool pics and tunes at your page. You are welcome to listen to our "After Hours" cd tracks anytime. Continued success. Have a great week!
2011-02-14 at 02:37:57
Thank you for your attention. I love your tunes and wish you all the best. Jean
2011-02-11 at 16:46:21
Whats up Keni Thank you for your support I appreciate you. You music is good man, you just got to find the right people to hear it and it will take you places. get on there you will find alot of things I think will you find useful to you!! PEACE
2011-02-10 at 22:11:27
thanks for visiting ... I find myself drawn the most to "I wish you wanted me" ... the keyboard foundation works well
2011-02-08 at 01:45:33
Hi, many thanks and compliments! Have the best inspiration and greetings from Florence!!! -SL-
2011-02-08 at 01:28:06
Thanks Keni for your support...Be blessed in your career!
2011-02-08 at 00:30:16
Hi Keni, Thanks for wanting to be our friend! The song " We Gotta Live Together " tells it the way it should be and we all need to work at doing just what you are singing about! Also what a great sound you have!! Gary Morgan owner/tenor The Hallmark Quartet m
2011-02-03 at 19:15:31
Thank you so much for your support!. Nice stuff.
2011-02-02 at 19:31:01
I enjoyed listening to your "We Got to Live Together"
2011-01-29 at 04:44:13
Thanks for finding us. Great tracks here! Greetings from Brazil
2011-01-24 at 10:08:11
We gotta live together great song Man love your signature fine playing really great vibe that worksyeah cheers Tim
2011-01-23 at 19:01:29
thanks for following us ur music is good good luck for this brand new adventure , THE SPOOKIIES
2011-01-22 at 12:40:45
Hello, thanks for the add! All the best. Nice sound! free cube's song buy the download iTuneStore rtist/free-cube/id2769382 75?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 now on sale! check it out. thanks. free cube
2011-01-22 at 00:59:45
Cool to hookup.Sorry for the late comeback been playing out of town.Good voc and nice work to all players..Very cool tunes...Enjoyed.Ron
2011-01-20 at 23:40:43
Hello dear, and thank you for your friendship)Great to know your music) MI*LA
2011-01-20 at 03:18:47
Great music and food for thought! Thanks for your support! All the best, and rock steady! Howard Lips
2011-01-19 at 19:29:20
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small minded people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. [Mark Twain]....Peace... Frontline
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