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Gra Indie funk rock band ( E.A.S. music)'s Song Reviews

Song Name: GRA'- the Reefer Song
Date: 2010-08-22 14:45:31
Reviewer: Q*Ball

2.  Review: Vocal has a nice warm quality...
Song Name: GRA'- Close to you
Date: 2010-08-13 05:18:42
Reviewer: Angila Ryan


Gra Indie funk rock band ( E.A.S. music)'s Information

Notre Dame, IN

Indie Grunge

About Us:
ABOUT the BAND: short biography history's Ed and Barry formerly have played for bands such as Deep Fried and Dead Bolt... also performed at the white house in Niles Mich. Threw out the ears of the early 1980-1990's the grungier band began to come alive with experimental muses even PUNK ROCK both members have performed with FLooDBaR in the late 1990's 2000 ears lead by Dominick of Michigan. Barry the drummer of a 1000's beats a second is a unique percussionists ( Drummer ) that wow's a crowed Barry also performed in a band known as Double Agent another Punk rock band lead by David Gaye. Ed and Barry now in a new band called EAS music GRA' Indie funk rock Grunge band and other forms of musical themes. in 2001-2010 GRA Indie band formerly ThePast, found an artist known as WyzardKID and Heebie Jeebies films, WyzardKID@YouTube is a promoter that makes mini movies for bands muscians he made our MUSIC videos.. and best part he does it for FREE-for REAL-free.

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GRA indie funk rock band

ED, and BARRY are making a NEW Indie CD coming out soon! AND will be part of the new flick at YouTube called KALLIGROS the movie... along with SnaggelTooth band and OTHERS like Project1542 and more... WOOD HEAD ROCKS.. we would'nt mind touring with Wood Head.. ROCK on INDIE ROCKERS!!! There's more then corn in Indiana.


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2011-03-02 at 00:22:16
ED here from GRA INDIE FUNK ROCK band Aperi0 promotions and the FANS Search for Artists Search for Songs No. of Reviews : 10329
2011-03-02 at 00:08:53
SOME NEW STUFF coming soon! :) WHOA
2010-10-02 at 17:41:30
The art of creatures, begins a new wave of arts, Existing change time. Flight of butterfly's, even the cousin the moths, Equal is difference." " As even the bees, like the power of the wasp, working for the queen." "Fall season colors, in the sun and chill, the crows, unity of wings." "Each season is change, each martial arts work with change, repetitions styles." - Haiku by GRA' Indie funk rock band VIDEO TECH GUY Dave S.
2010-09-20 at 09:11:28
What are the details about the guy who makes mini-movies? Would you mind emailing us at Thanks brotha!!!
2010-09-18 at 21:42:23
i met a GOD, I had a dream....I got a brand new baby to see...LOVE
2010-09-18 at 21:09:13
DONT BE SHY RATE: GRA Indie bands songs... WHO KNOWS maybe we'll tour with yah.....THROW YOUR BODY INTO THE STREETS......
2010-09-10 at 05:09:53
Thanks Calley -ED from GRA Indie band
2010-09-10 at 04:44:49
THANKS Jamal and The Er Brothers ... WILD featured band... KEWL thanks ImRadio
2010-09-10 at 00:04:02
Hey Zorro Gato, Nice to meet you! Congratulations making the Featured Wall! Have a great week. Phil the Er on the left
2010-09-08 at 11:30:28
Uuuhhh...Congratulations! !!! Nice to see you on IMRadio's Featured Artists' Wall. Keep it up!! Love, Calley
2010-09-08 at 11:13:40
Thank,nice and good to know u
2010-09-08 at 02:30:44
Thank you are great keep in touch check us out on my page.
2010-09-02 at 22:05:45
Many thanks for your comments on my song Boring !!! :-D
2010-09-01 at 01:10:22
Gra Indie funk rock band is in there STUDIOS, producing a new CD, come 2010-2011
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