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Rene Saucier's Song Reviews

Song Name: Rapture
Date: 2010-10-05 09:11:59
Reviewer: Bon Ton Key Club

2.  Review: Very Beautiful!
Song Name: Journey Through Time
Date: 2010-10-04 15:48:41
Reviewer: The Er Brothers

3.  Review: This Guitar intro is so beautifully done. I can get lost in it!
Song Name: Last Days
Date: 2010-10-03 18:03:01
Reviewer: Sparkle Nesby


Rene Saucier's Information

Concord, NH

Christian, Country, Classic Rock, Blues and Reggae

About Us:
I've been playing music since I was 14 years old. I've loved music all my life and I really believe that if music is in your blood, it is there forever. The Beatles had a huge influence on me, and I expect most of the musicians of my generation. I love Classic Rock and Christian music. I also love Country, Blues and Reggae. I have played in bands off and on for many years. I don't anymore but I still love writing and recording my music, in my home studio. I have listened to many artists here on IMRADIO and there is some awesome talent here. All the Best to all of you and may God Bless!

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Hello to everyone!!!!!

Glad to be hear on IMRADIO!!!! I've heard some really Awesome music here!!!! Great place to be!!!!!!---Rene



Welcome Home 


Winter Of My

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2010-08-18 at 11:39:23
Hi Rene Thanks for finding us. It's a pleasure to meet you. Have a great week. Phil the Er on the left
2010-08-16 at 03:21:33
We do like your sound!!! Great job mate !!!
2010-08-14 at 02:24:44
Have a great weekend.
2010-08-13 at 18:23:11
Hello Rene!!!Great hearing from you and thanks for the support. God continues to bless us and you as well. Peace
2010-08-13 at 14:36:15
2010-08-12 at 11:08:38
Hello! My brother,just passing through 2 say hello and have a wonderful week & weekend sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.
2010-08-09 at 22:19:32
Hi Greetings from Vancouver BC Great songs here. We wish you all the best and may destiny lead You and the music to Greatness Mike.
2010-08-05 at 07:53:05
Parabéns pelo belo trabalho! Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre!
2010-08-05 at 01:42:45
Thank you for being a fan as well. Just added (2) of my originals, "Like An Angel" and "Will Heaven Be Better Than This". Have a great evening and week. Diana :)
2010-08-02 at 14:34:32
Rene, thanks for being a fan of mine. Nice music!!!
2010-08-01 at 18:52:06
hi Rene, I dig your cool song, Yesterday's Tomorrow..nice job! peace
2010-08-01 at 04:44:02
What a good encounter!
2010-07-30 at 04:35:54
Great to meet you Rene, Love your music. Have a great upcoming weekend.
2010-07-30 at 04:01:08
You're welcome Rene, my pleasure Sir! Very positive feel good music here, please continue- not enouigh of positivity it seems! God Bless you as well!1 Peace, Martin- Idjit Savant
2010-07-28 at 03:49:33
Hi Rene,Many thanks for the friendship,very much appreciated by me. Have a great week. Peace,John.
2010-07-28 at 02:31:36
Nice to meet you here. All the best to you and yours. Have a great time and keep on rocking. Many greetings from Kassel, germany. Love and peace all over the world!!
2010-07-28 at 01:30:22
Thank you for the friendship Rene! Wish you a wonderful and happy week! Hugs and kisses. Your Fan and friend. Lilian.
2010-07-27 at 05:24:01
thanks for the add & happy see you here René & at MakeAstar voting for you xox take care & good Luck xox Lulu
2010-07-26 at 23:01:10
Thank you for being friends with Musicians 4 World Peace ( s4worldpeace)----PEACE--- Michael-- P.S. not sure why the s moves in my url…
2010-07-26 at 07:05:09
thanks for the message man, hope you have a good week!
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