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JBStudio's Song Reviews

Song Name: Little Plutonium
Date: 2010-12-11 14:49:06
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

2.  Review: nice groove
Song Name: Boogie Traffic
Date: 2010-12-06 23:47:26
Reviewer: ICEPACK

3.  Review: Great
Song Name: The Fair Advantage
Date: 2010-11-02 12:43:15
Reviewer: Marc Ceccotti


JBStudio's Information

Dansville, NY


About Us:
Drummer,ToolMaker, Songwriter,Composer.

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2010-11-02 at 05:04:59
I Want To Thank All Of IMRadio Staff for running such A Great Site. THANKS
2010-11-01 at 07:14:22
''Intresting & Creative Music,''Off the Beaten Path' ''Cool'' ''Thanks for being a Fan!''(PEACE)
2010-11-01 at 01:19:11
2010-10-25 at 20:04:09
Good stuff!! If you get a chance please visit and let me know what you think of my new album :D
2010-10-19 at 09:09:28
Very good work! I like it!
2010-10-14 at 13:03:01
I'm digging your sounds all of them cheers Tim
2010-10-11 at 13:16:38
Thanks for becoming a fan and all the best with your projects. Erazamus Voss
2010-10-10 at 18:12:45
Excellent music. I'm right now enjoying very much. Cheers.
2010-10-07 at 02:11:34
thanx for the fan add jbstudio, icepack jackson
2010-10-06 at 15:13:30
Boogie Traffic all day and night!
2010-10-06 at 05:42:02
Diggin Boogie Traffic thanks for the fanship
2010-10-02 at 02:57:04
Your sound is Rocking my House... sweet!!! SILVIE
2010-09-27 at 05:01:04
Thanks for listening man, I'm finding your work very interesting.
2010-09-26 at 22:56:59
eye above niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee beat5/9/457 or som lol
2010-09-26 at 22:43:10
my respect to drummer robert wyatt fuck lsd
2010-09-26 at 22:41:27
thankx for compliment hope y got a little of the genius those guys had expressed
2010-09-26 at 00:01:50
Great Songs!!
2010-09-18 at 03:26:09
Hey, I dig "Anything For Your Vote"......too cool.....great instrumentation....and got me laughing too! LOL
2010-09-14 at 06:16:51
Cool tunes! Keep 'em coming!
2010-09-11 at 21:43:48
Little Plutonium-hot tune! Thanks for the visit to my page.
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