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JBStudio's Song Reviews

Song Name: Little Plutonium
Date: 2010-12-11 14:49:06
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

2.  Review: nice groove
Song Name: Boogie Traffic
Date: 2010-12-06 23:47:26
Reviewer: ICEPACK

3.  Review: Great
Song Name: The Fair Advantage
Date: 2010-11-02 12:43:15
Reviewer: Marc Ceccotti


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Dansville, NY


About Us:
Drummer,ToolMaker, Songwriter,Composer.

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2013-11-23 at 11:10:32
Thanks for your fanship. All the best to you in the music feild and God Bless You. NSG.
2012-10-29 at 10:40:38
Hi Jack, Thanks for fanning me SweetKenny back! God Bless!!
2012-08-07 at 07:24:03
Thank you for your kind words. I've really enjoyed listening to your work. To me, you have a strong talent to bring tension and suspense to the composition especially in Political Point Grinding and Shinokra. I could hear that in film or television. All the best, Cadillak
2012-03-10 at 18:18:34
Hey Jb studios, I changed my Profile pic... you like????
2011-12-16 at 22:11:59
Movie sound track ? let's talk
2011-11-21 at 05:15:28
Hey! JB,thanks for your comment,wishing you and family a Happy Thanksgiving,Emmett North Jr.
2011-11-19 at 01:28:18
Hi Jack thanks for the note you are the real artist ! I really appaetiate your work !
2011-10-20 at 06:23:29
Hello Jack! Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my work. I am very glad for our friendship. With love,Zhanna.
2011-10-08 at 20:50:11
Hey, thanks for networking - hope you enjoy my music! Just released new album "Trinity" - please you'll check it out & let me know what you think. BTW, really unique sound to your tracks!
2011-10-04 at 22:19:14
I'm keeping my i on u..... your music is one of a kind. Keep Rockin the musical world!!!! Peace
2011-09-26 at 05:48:55
All (?) we need is CHANGE OF TIMES, we are so ACTIVE, HOW LONG can we stand for the rescue of humanity?
2011-05-18 at 20:19:55
Hi Jack, thanks for your message. Your stuff is also very interesting. I particularly like "Boogie Traffic." I think much off your music could be movie incidental tracks. Very moody and evocative. "Clear as a Bell" is a song that rarely gets noticed, and putting it together was a real labor of love. I can't remember what else we have up on this website, but if you go to you can hear everything off our album "Gypsychology." I think you wil probably like "Mariah," as well. It tends to get them dancing at our gigs.
2011-05-17 at 10:42:07
thx, glad you liked it :)! Grab all of my music for FREE here: arch.php?query=scumpos
2011-04-06 at 23:10:05
Hello,Jack! Thank you for your friendship and great music. A lot of joy. With love,Zhanna. ♥ ♥ ♥
2011-04-04 at 13:16:09
Hello, I really appreciate the add and thank you for your kind comment. Let's hope that the Monthly Tune project goes far! When you have time, please come back and check my page for the new monthly tune. If you like it you can also join the mailing list and receive the monthly tune update by email on my Reverbnation Website at: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ _____________ Thank you - Remi Desroques
2011-03-29 at 08:32:00
DIGGIN' DA TRAX BABY...slamin' stuff,love it...thanx 4 da compliment as well ( dats old recordings, doin' new sh.. right now ) we must collaborate much love, Jace
2011-03-17 at 17:14:10
Very nice music. Music is the key that opens many doors.Let me know what you think of my music or how would you review them. Jah Bless.
2011-03-09 at 05:40:42
Sorry for the late come back playing out of town.Thank you for the 2-thumbs up on fall from grace.
2011-02-28 at 17:48:58
thanks for the nice note about "Chickadee" glad you enjoyed it. I like your music also. It has a very unique sound. Donna A
2011-02-28 at 05:19:34
JB studios: Thanks for adding my name to my lighting pic!!!! Sure was a great night for taking photos. Hope to hear more of your tunes. Love Silvie B
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