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1.  Review: Nice song, good work.
Song Name: Tore Down
Date: 2010-08-09 07:16:27
Reviewer: Calley Daniel


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Carmichael, CA


About Us:
Please direct all communication to ReverbNation band site. Thanks. The Band name is an interesting story. We used to be called Skosh, which is a loose baking term, you know: "Just take a skosh of salt" Well I hear things a little differently so it always sounded like: "Take a Skosh'a salt" Now let's sprinkle in the Players of the band. All of us (Frank McClory, Mark Anderson, Norleans) are seasoned veterans of music, and each of us brings in a "Skosh'a" this, and a "Skosh'a" that to the mix. Finally, the twist, I have been a New Orleans Saints fan for 37 years, and I thought what a better way to catch the eye than a Cajun twist to this recipe... "Skeauxsha" (Pronounced Sko-Shaw) and voila!!! A band name was made... :) In fact the Band Name was so unique that when I first did a Google search no results came back. So I have had the name "Trade Marked" Hope that helps... :)

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Skeauxsha I
Just Love
her So


Crosscut Saw


Coochie Man


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2011-05-27 at 15:47:21
Hi fellows, misican greetings from Berlin,Germany to Carmichael!Our Songs have nice feelings and good vibrations with a cool Sound.I don´t understand all lyrics but i understand the message at your Songs!! Cool Stuff! Have a nice weekend my friends,Rainer
2011-02-19 at 11:14:59
Warmest of Welcome's: On Behalf of "Skeauxsha" welcome... Thank you for your ongoing support. Come'on back anytime, and bring a friend, or two... ;)
2010-08-27 at 07:41:03
Well I'll tell ya folks this is turnin out to be one hell of a ride!!! More and More fans everyday are hopping on the Skeauxsha Train. I want to thank y'all for your ongoing support.
2010-08-10 at 00:32:26
Parabéns pelo trabalho! Gostei muito das suas canções... Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre!
2010-08-09 at 18:20:44
Greetings from Serbia! great stuff here! please,listen my songs or give your friends to listen.In my country Serbia not support artists...H E L P
2010-08-08 at 13:30:54
Hi & thanks for finding me & your friendship. Good Tracks & works.Mäsch
2010-08-08 at 02:37:02
Hi there boys! Love your style! Love the Cajun Quick Train boys!...respect...Mojo!
2010-08-08 at 00:55:52
Nice....very smooth. Like your Muzak guys! Zak
2010-07-29 at 01:56:29
On Behalf of Skeauxsha we would like to thank IMRadio for inviting us to the Party!!!!
2010-07-02 at 09:52:21
Hi, we’d like to hear some of your songs in IMRadio’s radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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