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RickyFingerz Alien Revolution's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Love this Song. Great vibes
Song Name: Jesus Boogie
Date: 2011-10-16 09:49:33
Reviewer: TC

2.  Review: great song!
Song Name: Ain't Got No Home
Date: 2010-11-21 08:21:06
Reviewer: Roy Schwedt

3.  Review: A1 song, this guy's great
Song Name: Alien (theme song)
Date: 2010-11-09 10:56:15
Reviewer: Roy Schwedt


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R&B~Rock~POP~Old world~New World

About Us:
Looking for more Radio Hosts~Ever wanted your own radio show~We show U how

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2010-11-04 at 04:04:12
Thanks:) I will do that:) HaWishing you love, peace and happiness:) Friend Stig Michael. can also right 2 me on ve a great week.
2010-11-03 at 20:37:42
2010-11-03 at 09:58:18
hi ok awesome will do i thanks :) Niva
2010-11-02 at 07:25:36
Hey !! I've seen you somewhere before !!! haha :) Thnaks for the friendship here Ricky..Listened to your tracks at reverb today !! awesome !!! All the best and muchos love !! Jen xox
2010-10-20 at 05:10:24
I would love to be on your radio show awesome . Where to send mp3 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks ricky
2010-10-18 at 00:10:21
Hey RF, ...good luck with the new band...keep pushin' those "outer limits"! All the best! ;-] Steve
2010-10-17 at 21:43:17
Hi Ricky!!! Thank you so much for add bro !!! You rock!!! Great site!
2010-10-17 at 07:17:51
Hola!! Muchas gracias por vuestro interes. No se si cogeriais vosotros el enlace desde aqui, o lo que tengo que hacer,asi que espero vuestra respuesta. Muchas gracias de nuevo por el apoyo. Saludos desde valladolid. KaƱaaaaaaaa.
2010-10-16 at 05:40:35
Thanks Ricky! Cool Idea. Smiles : ) MARY GRACE GULDEMAN
2010-10-14 at 16:50:59
There's so much to tell about my site. Just join folks... we have a blast. Not dull & boring...we R active... http://alienfingerz.ning. com/
2010-10-14 at 02:43:00
Great stuff here! Keep doin' what you are doin'.
2010-10-13 at 22:45:04
Ricky my brutha from anotha motha, I just signed up and would be glad to to on the pls email me how to leave a message for Tony Prince and Al Cox Records..and let's get the party hearty!! God Bless!!!!!!
2010-10-13 at 13:31:12
Hi Ricky, greetings from Berlin - Germany - from hofsteen & friends. Thanks for become a fan. Your Songs are very cool,nice works. This Songs are interesting...power, feeling...good vox, yes,i like that. Rainer
2010-10-13 at 12:56:58
Nice music you really got a nice growe. Christin
2010-10-13 at 09:22:33
Thx 4 contacting me.Do you have more information?
2010-10-13 at 09:01:02
Cool. Thanks for contacting and informing me of the information! Yes I would be interested. Do you have more information about your website? Thanks.
2010-10-13 at 08:09:41
thanxs for checkin us out
2010-10-13 at 05:24:56
thanks for the message, Going to check out the site right now, have a great week!
2010-10-12 at 13:11:08
Greetings From VCHERI...Thanks so much. Peace and Blessings
2010-10-12 at 09:08:14
Great page pic just love it. Tried to register at the web site and had no luck getting in. Would love to check out the site get back to me with more information on registering. Peace and love to you. The Bunnys
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