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1.  Review: Nice deep tone! Very unique!!
Song Name: In My Dreams
Date: 2010-07-28 06:08:18
Reviewer: Angila Ryan

2.  Review: Nice deep tone! Very unique!!
Song Name: In My Dreams
Date: 2010-07-28 06:08:15
Reviewer: Angila Ryan


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Temple, TX


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You Are a Gift

YOU ARE A GIFT FROM GOD Whatever you do, believe in yourself. Believe you are the perfect and beautiful creation of Almighty God. Let all the beauty, grace and glory of heaven itself fill your life with joy and goodness. Even the stars in the sky can't compare with the beauty of the sparkle in your eye as you allow that dream that is so genuinely and perfectly your gift from God to come alive in your heart. Be at peace now and let it be as it is meant to be. You are a gift from God to someone else who needs the you that God created you to be.





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2009-12-30 at 03:24:57
thanks for checking out my work, and my youtube account. hope all is going well
2009-12-28 at 23:58:07
Thanks man happy new year!
2009-12-28 at 23:32:23
Thanks for the thought. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a successful new year.
2009-12-28 at 17:32:50
Thanks for all your wishes. I wish the same for you. Wishing you a fabulous week! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-12-28 at 16:26:27
Happy New Year to you too! Click here: tch?v=zNuHTG6TRfw&feature =related
2009-12-28 at 15:09:50
Thank you very much my friend Gary ,happy new year, i hope all the best to you and yours, take good care, Thanos.
2009-12-28 at 08:43:59
Thank you for the friendship. Happy Holidays! Chrissy
2009-12-28 at 02:55:07
Thx Gary.... I hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a healthy, happy, successful 2010... Linda
2009-12-27 at 22:25:59
You too buddy! Cheers
2009-12-27 at 22:08:14
Thanks for the friendship. Wish you a great New Year! Andre
2009-12-27 at 10:20:17
thanks honey...welcome to my life, kiss from Buenos Aires, Happy New Year
2009-12-24 at 07:06:35
Thank you Gary! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Peace, Nancy
2009-11-20 at 18:44:31
LOVE your SINGING on "In My Dreams." "My hands find me touching . . . My lips find me kissing, in my dreams." Yummy. Dreamy, Gary. Send me your email address to feature you on Creator's Parrot blog talk radio channel featuring indie artists in 2010. My email is
2009-11-20 at 18:38:38
Hey, Gary! I want some hot peanuts! What a feel good song! It's like I'm at "Beach Blanket Bingo" with you. Hah-hah. Oh, and thanks for becoming a fan! Have a great day! Valerie
2009-11-17 at 02:21:42
Hi Gary: Thanks for listening, and we hope everything is going well for you and your music.
2009-11-10 at 13:40:37
Listening to "Unchained Melody." Nice. My dad tells me that was the first song he sang to my Mom when they were out at a country place. Only the guitar player knew it as the Righteous Brothers had just released it. My mom's bro used to hang out with them at the garage where the Brothers practiced at the time. The quantity and quality of the music made back then was phenomenal. Paul.
2009-11-10 at 13:35:31
TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT IMRadio -- Got to thinking. What if each of us independent musicians told our family, friends, fans and acquaintances about, how besides the main station, it has stations for each of the states individually, 52 countries, and just about every musical genre -- reaching any internet connection around the world. We could tell them in person, on the internet or at small or large venues. Anyone we tell would appreciate the convenience of such good music from independent musicians on their computer. It would be such a good way to help all of us reach even more listeners. With IMRadio, we aren't just waiting at the mercy of some major label to decide whether or not they will let us be heard around the world. There are enough of us that the outreach could be exponential. And, wouldn't it be a great way to say 'thank you' to Paddy and all of the other fine folks who have put on the world's musical map. They have put in money, time, energy and dedication, and all they have asked of us in return is to upload our music and profile. I am sure that they have great plans to publicize IMRadio and bring it to even more listeners. In the meantime, through, wouldn't it be great if we could all help a little by just taking a little time each day to tell family, friends, fans and acquaintances about IMRadio. It wouldn't cost a dime, just a little time. Yours, in Musical Solidarity, Paul.
2009-11-10 at 10:39:37
Thanks for the fan request. Your new fan the LimboManBand, Buckeye Ocean, Ohio. PEACE/LOVE/HOPE
2009-11-05 at 17:22:08
Hey, just stopped by to listen and liked what I heard. cool stuff! Have a wonderful week ahead! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-10-17 at 09:54:21
Listening to Fire and the Holy Ghost. Great sound, song and vocals. Have a Great Weekend. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
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