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Powerpop/New Wave/Alternative

About Us:
Clockwise's initial foray into the studio along with bassist Scott Sherman, drummer Dave Capuano and two-time Juno-winning engineer/producer James Paul yielded their 2001 debut, Accidentally On Purpose. "Accidentally" established the bands sound as influenced by Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and Squeeze, tempered with more contemporary artists like Crowded House and The Beautiful South. Around the time of the album's release, the Clockwise line-up shifted engaging Saskatchewan import James Pollock (Pasty White Boys, 49 Acres, API and Thumpy) on drums, as well as former Katie's Bridge bassist Jason Eagan (concurrently performing with Ryan Luchuck) to flesh out the bands current membership. Efficiency in time Clockwise appreciates it and makes the most of time all they ask is three and a half minutes of yours. Plenty can happen in such a short time span with Clockwise ticking out a tune: Brent will hit you with the guitar lick, James and Jason pump out the rhythm and Claude sings the hook that will stick with you long after that initial investment in time has been spent. The band released a follow-up to "Accidentally" in 2007 titled; 'Too Little, Too Late'. This sophomore release once again teamed the band up with the production wizardry of James Paul. Not ones to rest on their laurels (or anything else for that matter), the band has just released their third full length effort, playfully titled 'Faders On Stun'. Clockwise and James Paul have indeed crafted yet another piece of guitar-driven, Power-Pop magic. 'Faders' was released in the Autumn of 2008.

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Clockwise Are 19th For A Twelfth Week On Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Chart!

Clockwise are 19th for a twelfth week on Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Chart! Vote for Clockwise's You Really Got Me Goin' at



Clockwise -
(Live At The
Rivoli As
Part Of IPO


Clockwise -
Rich And
Famous (Live
At The
Rivoli As
Part Of IPO


World United


Arzuk Artist
of the Week


Music World
Radio's DJ
Throwing The
Spotlight On
from Monday,
13th 2010)


Clockwise -
That's Just
Life (Live
at Mitzi's
Toronto on
January 8th


Clockwise -
What's The
Big Secret?
(Live at
Toronto on
January 8th


Clockwise -
You Really
Got Me Going
(Live at IPO
2011 at The
Cavern Club
Front Stage
on Monday,
May 23rd

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