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Song Name: Cry To Heaven
Date: 2012-06-28 08:24:11
Reviewer: radioXiuMei

2.  Review: Awesome tune! the vocals are so cool. :)
Song Name: It Will Come Back To You
Date: 2010-07-23 05:33:16
Reviewer: Calley Daniel


Woody Moran's Information

Portland, OR

Jazzy Rock/Funky Acoustic

About Us:
Finalist for the 2008 Best Rock Song of the Year by the Independent Singer Songwriter's Association (ISSA)with the title song from his debut CD, "Tu-Toned Stranger", Woody's music features a beautiful, haunting quality to his vocals, a singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar folk-rock style, and great hooks that have you humming the songs long after the music stops. Woody's latest album, "A Brand New Situation", features Mike Garson (David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN) on piano and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Slavior) holding down the beat on drums. Award-winning German film composer Volker Barber adds strings & textures to two of the songs. Woody continues to hone his songwriting craft working with other songwriters and performing in "songwriter circles". He is a member of ASCAP and is submitting songs for film and television, and his song "It Will Come Back To You" was chosen for a compilation CD for Adult Contemporary Radio Programmers. His engaging stage presence makes him a favorite acoustic performer at house concerts, but he loves the freedom of performing with a full band.

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Review of A Brand New Situation

"This is by far your best work. It is smooth and tasty like an old friend. I am truly sorry I didn't get to play on this Masterpiece. From the perfectly placed piano, the acoustic guitar as the bass and drum lock together forming a solid foundation. The vocals are full of passion and the phrasing is masterful, taking the listener on a journey through the landscape Woody creates for his character. The cool blend of jazz, soul and old school rock, gives all of us "older songwriters" hope that real music is always welcome. The mix is superb although I did feel the kick in "Cowboy Babylon", was a little too up front for my taste, but that's just me. Over all, A Brand New Situation, is a five star celebration of quality music, songwriter craft and production skills. The stand out tracks are " Cowboy in Babylon" and "Walking on a Saturday Night". The only thing I missed were soaring back ground vocals to support the mastery of Woody. Still it is an easy piece to sit back and enjoy with your favorite ah, beverage, while relaxing to this wonderful collection of songs. The sax in Sombrero Fallout is haunting and suits the song like an expensive glove. I can't say enough about the piano work on several cuts, simply beautiful. I hope everyone gets the chance to hear this heart felt album by Woody Moran, you deserve to hear this. I've played it about 30 times in the last few days and it only get better." Now available on, and Dennis Logan Moore

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Both Woody's debut album "Tu-Toned Stranger" and "A Brand New Situation" are available for download from or

Pickup Woody's Tu-Toned Stranger CD at CD Baby

Great collection of musicians on the title song Tu-Toned Stranger, Jamez (Escovedo Band) gets to cut loose on bass, Nashville's Barry Ledere (Brooks and Dunn) adds a nice touch on organ and piano, Koorosh Daryaie contributes drums and percussion, and fantastic inter-weaving solos from Sean Erickson on electric guitar and John Bastianelli on sax. These are also the primary musicians on the project. Six-time Grammy nominated pianist, T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs), gives A Little Patience a touch of his magic. Grammy award-winning producer and musician, Jeff Bova, gave Witness a wonderful string arrangement. To finish things off, the entire project was mixed by J. Chris Griffin (Madonna, Corrs, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson) at SyntheticMess/The Cutting Room in NYC. In addition to original songs penned by Woody Moran, Tu-Toned Stranger also features a few familiar songs that have been given a new acoustic treatment. Secret Smile from SemiSonic, Elton John's Rocket Man and After Midnight by J.J. Cale are all crowd-pleasing songs that Woody and his band of Occasional Friends have played live in L.A. area clubs.



Lost Goodbye 


Walking On A

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2010-10-20 at 20:34:29
Heya woody, great style! keep up the good work :D Check out our music. thanks, John.
2010-09-26 at 10:21:37
Hi! I hope you are enjoying your week-end! Take care... I'm loving your music!!! Angel
2010-07-16 at 09:56:16
Great stuff here!
2010-07-09 at 00:55:12
New album Chromatc Fadings. release date is 05.07.2010. You can listen to some tracks on my profile. With all my best wishes. Luciano.
2010-07-04 at 05:40:42
hi Woody, nice job getting on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. cool tunes. happy holiday. peace
2010-07-02 at 16:57:02
Hi Woody Moran, great job making it up on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. Love, Calley
2010-06-30 at 16:47:09
greetings from Serbia! great stuff here! please,listen my songs or give your friends to listen. in my country Serbia,not support artists,media and radio's not play this music...bad situation...H E L P
2010-06-26 at 10:51:30
Thank you for your interest. I am enjoying your music. Keep up your good work and have a nice day.... ;-) Kind regards from Muenster in Germany.
2010-06-25 at 21:36:28
The feeling is mutual, Woody
2010-06-24 at 06:40:35
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Thanks, Paul.
2010-06-24 at 06:40:27
Nice to meet you. "Cry to Heaven." Great Beautiful Track. Strong Song, Sound, Style and Amazing Voice. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
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