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1.  Review: Great Sound!
Song Name: Fine Time
Date: 2010-11-28 20:30:46
Reviewer: David L. Vacek

Song Name: Brighton Rock
Date: 2010-11-23 08:02:06
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

Song Name: Need A Portal
Date: 2010-11-14 16:00:33
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1


Banjo Snapper's Information



About Us:
Banjo Snapper are six piece rock band based in Peterborough. Banjo Snapper have been going for 5 years and we are now in 2012 looking at a new line up with a different approach and by adding more musicians the depth has increased allowing Banjo Snapper to have a much fuller and broader range. Currently working on new tracks to be released and also recording Paradise City for a charity single so keep coming back for regular updates. Banjo Snapper is a Peterborough based band playing original material as well as covers. Banjo Snapper have a great stage presence and consists of skillful musicians and have a great stage production with lighting effects which is like attending a Broadway show but with all the stage production it doesn't mask their musical ability.

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Banjo Snapper have uploaded 3 new demo songs. More altenative now so let us know what you think :)

Banjo Snapper are back!

Banjo Snapper return to playing live at Shepperton Marina 19th June. Videos will be uploaded the next day so watch this space

New Material

Banjo Snapper will be adding new tunes to this site soon, so please let us know what you think. Thanks Fraz & The boys :)


Check out some old vids of us playing


Banjo Snapper have reformed with new members and will be launching a new live album of covers in 2013 and will be recording an original album including a cover of Guns N roses Paradise City which will be released as a single for a heart charity. Check us out on facebook



Need A





Flowh Calendar


2010-12-18 at 20:03:08
Thanks for the support!. Nice stuff.
2010-12-18 at 08:18:49
Rule number one. Snapper Rules. Rule number 2. Jim Bush lives by rule number one. Math is not my strong point but I know what I like. Rock On!
2010-12-18 at 04:54:12
Hey guys, thanks for being fans. Need A Portal is a great song (although the recording is not outstanding) Cheers, Nabil
2010-12-18 at 04:22:10
thanks for the friend request. great to hear from you. Good stuff!! RTO
2010-12-17 at 21:13:34
Hi,Thanks for your friendship,very much appreciated by me. I like your music,keep rockin on
2010-12-17 at 21:12:45
Thanks for becoming a fan. Great tunes, Rock on!
2010-12-17 at 02:04:35
Merry Christmas to you and yours... :-D charly
2010-12-17 at 01:13:23
From Niagara Falls Canada Season's Greetings . May the joy of the holidays stay in your heart and bring you a year of happiness and success ...
2010-12-15 at 09:56:41
Two sides of musical and literal mortality. "Always in conflict, I am never in balance, I have the fear of life - the value of life, ever ending cycle of life." If you've ever gained strength from living life in the shadows to see the light, then check out our new videos "Ever Ending Cycle Of Life..." (the Fear of Life) & (the Value of Life). Some have said that the songs have a Claptonesque feel and a multi-genre Sound with a flavor of Bowie, Grobin and Elvis? Let us know what you think of them [be kind]. Thanks, Paul.
2010-12-12 at 22:40:58
Hey Y'all, Love Brighton Rock !!!!
2010-12-11 at 19:05:34
Hi Andy thank for the visit, Im pleased to meet you. Do stop by again soon. best wishes jesper
2010-12-09 at 03:47:51
2010-12-08 at 02:53:28
Thank you for your friendship. Everyone in the band appreciates it. Like your style and tunes. Kind regards from Girl Vs Ghost
2010-12-01 at 20:58:43
Hello Good nervous guitar THE LITTLE PINK FISHES
2010-11-26 at 16:30:38
Andy Frazier thanks. Happy holidays to you and yours. I hope your getting this. I'm pretty green with the site. Still an analog man at heart.
2010-11-24 at 08:34:04
Have a nice day my friends..
2010-11-23 at 15:16:40
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2010-11-19 at 20:42:05
Hi dudes! This is my band profile: nd
2010-11-19 at 15:24:09
hello my frineds, thank you for your friendship, salu2 Empyricos desde España
2010-11-19 at 02:28:59
Hi, many thanks for the friendship - great stuff!! Best wishes Viv XX
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