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Chicago, IL

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2009-03-27 at 22:54:05
Thank you for this great opportunity, wishing you only success! Louise
2009-03-27 at 13:04:09
Hi, Paddy, Seattle's psychedelic REPETEN suggests a modification to your video capacity from 50MB up to 10 minutes-worth. I believe that some artists, like REPETEN, want to provide more extensive entertainment messages. Thanks for the work you've done so far, that makes us sound and look good! Peace, REPETEN's Derek Turner
2009-03-27 at 10:48:08
Gotta show luv!! I C U on ur Grind!! Much Respect!! Thanx 4 a chance 2 spin.. always appreciated mo than u know!! Keep Shinin!!
2009-03-27 at 09:34:09
thanx so much for the visit and comment! Drop on by anytime and catch my vibe! Look forward to Great success at IMRadio!!
2009-03-27 at 05:59:03
Thanks for Diggin our tunes!
2009-03-26 at 21:17:38
Hi again Veronica, TY for your nice compliments, it's greatly appreciated...... Keep Rockin' Peace Gary :)
2009-03-26 at 09:07:36
Thanks Veronica IMRADIO has a great look and appeal!
2009-03-26 at 06:01:37
Hey Veronica thanks for the comment! IMRADIO is awesome!
2009-03-26 at 03:13:45
Thanx Veronica! I enjoy the awesome music on IMRADIO and I am proud to be a little part of it! ;-) Rainer
2009-03-26 at 01:07:57
hola:) veronica passing bay to say hi!and thanks for the welkom i appreciate it,have at great day keep in touch bless!
2009-03-25 at 20:00:54
Hey Veronica, It's a pleasure to be here & thankyou....... Keep Rockin' Gary :)
2009-03-25 at 15:57:11
Hi Veronica, Thank you very much for your comment we really appreciate it... Thank you for helping us to spread the Zootek Word to bring more people into the Cubist Rock family, it means allot to us... Take care Zootek
2009-03-25 at 13:18:52
Thanks a lot, all the best, wonderful idea, this radio!
2009-03-25 at 10:38:07
Hi Veronica. I'm a little lost in here. EletriKa alredy has a profile. Now what shold I do? EletriKa already has a air play. Thanks a lot for the help and support. Best regards, Claudio David
2009-03-25 at 01:24:18
Much love and respect, Veronica!
2009-03-24 at 20:49:26
You bet I am a fan of you and your wonderful internet radio... thanks for inviting me along! Peace, Bratt scovil
2009-03-24 at 19:03:24
Coolest Veronica, Thank you for digging Seattle's psychedelic REPETEN: down-tempo, psychedelic, alternative, Christian tunes for the end times. We dig you, dudette!! Love, REPETEN's lyricist/producer Derek Turner
2009-03-24 at 11:43:47
Hey Veronica :) I'm so glad to be on IM Radio !! Many thanks for your support. Best regards from France Eve
2009-03-23 at 23:48:33
Thank you for the appreciation! Rock on SoulenginE
2009-03-23 at 23:45:22
Thank you for the support! Rock on The RedZen
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