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Chicago, IL

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2009-03-25 at 01:24:18
Much love and respect, Veronica!
2009-03-24 at 11:43:47
Hey Veronica :) I'm so glad to be on IM Radio !! Many thanks for your support. Best regards from France Eve
2009-03-23 at 23:48:33
Thank you for the appreciation! Rock on SoulenginE
2009-03-23 at 23:45:22
Thank you for the support! Rock on The RedZen
2009-03-23 at 21:38:05
2009-03-23 at 15:48:24
Hey Veronica, thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the tracks I uploaded. there are a number of reviews of the CD I have released on myspace available on this blog: index.cfm?fuseaction=blog .view&friendId=107825961& blogId=470482884 best wishes adam
2009-03-23 at 10:13:55
Hi veronica!!! Thank you so much for the comment and the great oportunity and support, god bless you!!! Have a wonderful week! Greetings!
2009-03-23 at 06:10:12
Love the radio station and you guys are fantastic, thanks for all that you do and your support and friendship is very appreciated.Let me know if I can help in any way by lending a voice to the cause. Kepp up the great work! Stephan Michael
2009-03-23 at 04:17:12
Did the songs finally upload? Because they're still not on our player.
2009-03-23 at 01:45:50
Thank you Veronica! I wish you all the best. Have a nice time. Love, peace and happyness. Many greetings from Kassel, Germany. Yours Def Malzan
2009-03-23 at 01:43:09
I am quite pleased to be a member here. This place is wonderful. apb
2009-03-21 at 06:25:50
2009-03-20 at 22:20:23
thanks for support, congratulations for the fantastic work. cheers from Brasil !!! coming soon new songs.
2009-03-18 at 19:50:30
Thanks ! You have all my support !
2009-03-18 at 15:25:10
Thank you Veronica! And everyone @ IMRADIO!! All of you rock something serious! Love and respect,AMP & SDV
2009-03-17 at 09:24:31
Heavy to know you! Let's do this thing!! Peace & guitars. Your fans, FREERIDER
2009-03-14 at 03:44:14
Thanks so much! Keep up the great work. All the best, Marco
2009-03-13 at 07:21:04
Keep up the good work IM. Feel free to come over and get some 60$40 goodness in your gullivers.
2009-03-11 at 18:27:38
Keep up the Great Work IM!!!!!Love what your doing for us. God Bless, Charlie
2009-03-11 at 09:10:04
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