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Lubbock, TX

About Me:
I spend most of my time doing fundraising for Lymphoma Research. I organize a benefit concert for this charity every year, the last weekend in Aug. Please check out the video of my artwork, music by James Marshall Black. All art is for sale to benefit Lymphoma Research. Also check out the profile for James Marshall Black, he is awesome!

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Missing Joey

Joey was a gentle giant, such a precious man. The girls that were with him say, he was happy just holding hands. There was one thing about him, he couldn't stand to see you cry He would say "No kid don't do that." "Its gonna be alright." Oh Joey baby we love you, and we miss you so damn bad! Life really sucks without you, we want back what we had. It has been several years since the Lord called you home. Heaven needed a lead singer so they called on Joey Ramone. When I feel the tears start to flow in the middle of the night. I hear Joey's voice say to me "Don't cry, be happy, its all right".

2010 Benefit Concert

Plans are already in the works for the Aug 27-28,2010 benefit concert in honor of Joey Ramone to raise money for lymphoma research. Merchandise from this event, and also from a website that will be created to download songs donated by several artists, will be earmarked to help cancer patients who cant afford treatment, and housing for patients and their families while receiving treatment away from home.



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Joey Ramone
by James

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2009-10-12 at 23:28:03
Hi Kimmi, Thanx 4 the add. If U are wondering what I'm about musically, here are some links: My new video "RINGO" at: tch?v=ggaCXHIbqTw My new CD: "Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America" at: o2 MY SPACE SITE: New CD in collaboration with Chill Factor 5 called "The Venus Effect". Check it out at: sic/article/electronica-g roup-chill-factor-5-retur ns/ "Retro Cool Bossa Nova Christmas" CD at: zummo "DROPPIN' LIKE IT'S... Nu Jointz #2" Just released hip hop sample CD at: http://www.soundsonline.c om/NU-JOINTZ-II-DROPPIN-L IKE-ITS...-pr-ZG161.html VINNIE ZUMMO BEBOP TRIO LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE VIDEOS AT: sults?search_query=Vinnie +Zummo&search_type=&aq=f Peace, Vinnie Zummo
2009-10-12 at 23:25:25
cool stuff! love your sketches! you're very talented!
2009-10-12 at 22:59:44
Love your video... Maybe one day you can draw a cover for me ... ;)
2009-10-12 at 22:56:12
Hi there, thank you for your nice words... Keep on touch, nice to meet you Greatings from Oporto/Portugal Ricardo from Panic Syndrome
2009-10-12 at 07:21:12
Hey Kimmi! We love what you are doing! We are currently in process of recording our album and for every download and album sold 15% is going straight to the American Cancer Society. Our guitar player mixes chemos and does IVs for a living @ the hospital in Berkeley Ca. We are very involved. Thank you, take care and keep in touch! INaCAGE
2009-10-11 at 20:00:41
Hi Kimmi, how are you, my dear friend? Still loving the great work you are doing! Have a nice week! Louise xxx
2009-10-11 at 18:08:16
Wow what a sweet memoir of Joey Ramone! The Ramones have brought me many a joyous moment! I wanna be sedated, Sheena is a punk rocker, rock & roll high school. Part of a lot of people's life soundtrack I would bet! For sure mine!
2009-10-10 at 03:04:36
Hallo Kimmi,have a fantastic weekend my dear!!!Hugs JoJo
2009-10-09 at 18:20:05
Hey mom, when you taking me to bed :)
2009-10-09 at 04:38:52
All the best to you too, Spiros.
2009-10-08 at 22:02:04
Many thanks for the add Kimi. It is much appreciated. Love Steve
2009-10-08 at 17:37:02
Thank you so much :) I really do appreciate your help with this! Your music sounds great... I have enjoyed listening to it! Keep doin' what you do :)) Your friend, Angel
2009-10-08 at 01:48:11
Hey there,I love your artwork! I wish you the best with whatever you're doing! Yiorgos.
2009-10-08 at 01:04:46
Whoa!!! We' re REALLY honored to have your friendship and support!!! Keep in touch!!! Best wishes from Perugia (shITaly) Daniele & OGRE
2009-10-08 at 00:54:42
Hey Kimmi.Love your stuff!!Keep warm.
2009-10-07 at 23:46:20
Hi Kimmi, thanks very much for hookin' up. Outstanding work you are doing Kimmi, truly outstanding and i wish you all the success in the world. SCOTT/WAYUP
2009-10-07 at 23:38:33
Hi Kimmi Ramone, thanks for the friendship and comment. Wish you a "Fantastic HumpDay" and "Great Rocking Rest of the Week!". Best Regards, M.A:G. Marple Attack Germany
2009-10-07 at 22:31:53
Hey, thanks for telling me about this site! Glad to talk to you!
2009-10-07 at 13:24:48
Thank you for your words Kimmi! Best wishes for you!
2009-10-07 at 08:46:54
Thanks for your friendship!!!! I am pleased to know that you enjoyed my songs!!! I really did enjoy yours also :) I have been tryin' to get one of my pictures to download but they won't???? I will try again! I hope you will stay intouch... Have a wonderful night my new friend! Angel
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