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Lubbock, TX

About Me:
I spend most of my time doing fundraising for Lymphoma Research. I organize a benefit concert for this charity every year, the last weekend in Aug. Please check out the video of my artwork, music by James Marshall Black. All art is for sale to benefit Lymphoma Research. Also check out the profile for James Marshall Black, he is awesome!

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Missing Joey

Joey was a gentle giant, such a precious man. The girls that were with him say, he was happy just holding hands. There was one thing about him, he couldn't stand to see you cry He would say "No kid don't do that." "Its gonna be alright." Oh Joey baby we love you, and we miss you so damn bad! Life really sucks without you, we want back what we had. It has been several years since the Lord called you home. Heaven needed a lead singer so they called on Joey Ramone. When I feel the tears start to flow in the middle of the night. I hear Joey's voice say to me "Don't cry, be happy, its all right".

2010 Benefit Concert

Plans are already in the works for the Aug 27-28,2010 benefit concert in honor of Joey Ramone to raise money for lymphoma research. Merchandise from this event, and also from a website that will be created to download songs donated by several artists, will be earmarked to help cancer patients who cant afford treatment, and housing for patients and their families while receiving treatment away from home.



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Joey Ramone
by James

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2009-10-26 at 12:26:00
Hi Kimmi, I am honored to have you as a friend. I met Joey years ago at the usual musician party's in Chicago where i was raised and performed for many years and he had a very kind and gentle soul to him. He was a great man and musician. If you need my talent for the 2010 benefit let me know. If not send me an invite anyway, I'm sure it will be a great celebration! Peace and Love
2009-10-26 at 00:26:59
cheers for listening to us! and for getting in touch, gonna check yours out now! u all good? Facebook - Smokescreen and Tom Loose if u have them and enuk - herntomkill peace!
2009-10-25 at 15:56:57
Hi Kimmi, how are you? Wishing you a great week! Love, peace, happiness, Louise
2009-10-24 at 18:50:08
hey kimmi!greetings from greece!wish you all the best!keep on !!!
2009-10-24 at 05:47:23
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2009-10-24 at 04:03:05
Hi Kimmi,happy weekend with allot of good music my dear Friend!!!You RoooCK!!!And never verget Loved People never Dies!!!Hugs JoJo
2009-10-23 at 14:03:34
2009-10-22 at 23:23:33
thanks,greetings from the basque country,hugs
2009-10-22 at 20:41:44
Thanks for your kind message. You're doing a great job. Peace
2009-10-22 at 14:37:34
Yeah the pic was taking during our stop in Middelburg travelling towards Johannesburg for a show that night :) Was a good tour!! Cannot wait for August 2010 either :) New York here we come!!
2009-10-21 at 22:49:35
Thanks Kimmi for your kind words about my music. Love your artwork. Much peace, Kevin
2009-10-21 at 22:31:24
Thanks for appreciating my work. -kidThunder
2009-10-21 at 22:16:14
Joey Ramone still is the sunshine in many peoples life, he will never standing in the shadow. Thanks for being a friend. After Son † Amsterdam
2009-10-21 at 20:38:32
thanks for your wonderful words and for appreciating my work is really important to be listened to and supported! Emil
2009-10-20 at 11:25:54
thank you for reminding us of great moments and great people, great spenders of universal entertainment!
2009-10-20 at 07:52:33
Thank you for your friendship, with a greeting from MauiRamzi
2009-10-19 at 18:16:12
Thank you Kimmi for your kind words. Nice to meet you. Wish you a lovely new week!!! Nikos
2009-10-19 at 05:47:33
Thanks for the comment :) love your artwork, keep in touch. :)
2009-10-18 at 21:12:02
Thank you for adding me to your neighborhood. Your New Friend In Music, Carmella aka Lyricsinmyhead
2009-10-18 at 21:10:57
yo babe!!! thanks!! we're glad you liked Glammarggeddon!! hey by the way... since you like our stuff we hope you can pay us a visit at and read our blog there... check out the Grand Concours (English) entry and help us out with a couple of votes if you have the time... thanks in advance and please keep in touch!!! Rock On!!!!
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