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Song Name: I am
Date: 2010-09-08 12:27:47
Reviewer: BMillz

2.  Review: Cool Stuff...sounds good.
Song Name: Antea Bellum
Date: 2010-09-08 02:46:11
Reviewer: At Wits End

3.  Review: Love your music, great feel to it. Fred Bender
Song Name: Antea Bellum
Date: 2010-08-07 07:38:22
Reviewer: Fred Bender


Anyma's Information

Planet Earth

Electronic, many sub-genre

About Us:
If the term ''renaissance man'' can be applied to any contemporary person, it might be attached to Ghislain Caya, born in Montreal in 1966. The Anyma view of the world is made up of original compositions, color imagery and forays into the seemingly unlimited world of electronic and synthesized music. With a complex yet satisfying mix of computer software, synthesizers, guitars, Latin and African percussion, Ghislain presents an inner spirituality wrapped in a soft cloak of hope. Anyma has been compared to Enigma, Delerium, Enya and Dead Can Dance. He builds on his strength as an arranger and composer, with particular emphasis on getting the correct feel for each composition. Ghislain says he has found his style and identity and nothing will keep him from success. Perhaps the only suggestion a listener can offer to the uninitiated is this: Close your eyes. The breath of life will do the rest.

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Anyma Universalis - The new album

September 21, 2010 UNIVERSALIS is an exciting and intense musical adventure designed to make you dance to the rhythms with captivating melodies. Made with Latin and African percussions, synthesizers and voices, this album blurs the lines between different electronic music genres and explores new territories for electronic music. Listen to all the songs on CDBABY -

3 new songs and 4 new videos

Hi all, I just uploaded 3 new songs : Mixy Prophecy Synea And 4 new videos : Adonia ( from my upcoming album) Mixy Crystalia Deiael Have a nice listening !

New song uploaded

October 17, 2010 Hi all, I just uploaded the song ARKTURUS - Enjoy !

New song & video

September 5, 2011 A new song and video : BARABBAS Music composed, arranged and mixed by Ghislain Caya Images from - First Spaceship On Venus (1960) Edited by Ghislain Caya

5 songs - 5 genre

Hello, I thought it might be time for uploading new stuff, 5 new songs in 5 different genres : SPIRITUAL - FILM SCORE - CLUB MUSIC - EXPERIMENTAL - NEW AGE... Enjoy the listening !



Eye Scapes 


Io Sono 


Anyma -


Anyma -


Anyma -


Anyma -


Anyma - Mixy 


Anyma -


Anyma -


Anyma -


Anyma -

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Hello friend :) Leaving good vibes for your week :) We are also at FB now...would be great see you there also,the link is on our page here, stay in touch :) Poppy xoxo
2012-01-05 at 16:40:59
Happy New Year 2012!
2011-10-17 at 23:07:30
You have such Awesome & Innovative Music. The only things I have you might like are my songs JESUS IS COMING & TAKE ME TO THE MOON
2011-10-08 at 22:46:41
Hey, thanks for networking - hope you enjoy my music! Just released new album "Trinity" - please check it out & let me know what you think. BTW, really enjoyed ALL of your tracks - nice job!
2011-05-07 at 18:34:38
2011-05-05 at 18:15:39
Thanks for your support!
2011-01-31 at 19:49:39
I am enjoying listening to your music xx Patty
2011-01-17 at 01:01:39
Cool musical journey.........Great Stuff! Oflockit
2010-12-12 at 20:05:19
thx for befriending me (I´ve only now found the time to drop by). Grab all of my music for free: arch.php?query=scumpos
2010-10-16 at 21:23:39
I'm up on'Time wave Zero'
2010-10-01 at 17:47:54
2010-09-11 at 04:38:06
Thanks for being a fan. It makes it all worth it! The Hole
2010-09-08 at 22:28:39
Smooth track with a nice vibe
2010-09-07 at 17:47:40
Thank you for becoming a fan. You can find more tracks at reverbnation. Gilles/Chordinators.
2010-09-07 at 13:01:57
Hi this is Erazamus Voss from Birthrite, glad to meet you thanks for becoming a fan and good luck with your own projects
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