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The Black Cat Jazz Cafe Band's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Can't go wrong with Gettin Frisky :)
Song Name: Gettin Frisky
Date: 2011-06-30 18:58:24
Reviewer: Foxman

2.  Review: Smooth Track! Paul.
Song Name: Sunshine Rapsody
Date: 2010-10-15 16:16:04
Reviewer: Davies Dawn -- Future Now

Song Name: Como Suena el Amor
Date: 2010-09-06 00:17:46
Reviewer: Project Grapevine


The Black Cat Jazz Cafe Band's Information

Cape Coral, FL


About Us:
We are a "virtual" band, all created in a home studio environment, mainly dedicated to jazz of different styles.

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Flowh Calendar


2010-10-13 at 11:34:49
Yeah! Good too see you as featured artist on IMRadio! You rock!! Love, Calley
2010-10-12 at 03:06:19
Wow! Thanks guys for having us as a featured band for the second time around. Thanks Paddy and the IMRadio's team, is truly an honor.
2010-09-22 at 13:50:59
BCJCB...Thanks for the wall post. Excellent compositions! Check me out on MySpace as well.
2010-09-07 at 00:07:34
Thank you for the great review.Aside from writing,producing and playing, one of my favorite passions is listening to great music.It inspires me to no end. You guys fall into that category BIG TIME!!!
2010-09-01 at 02:02:24
Hey Guys Congratulations on being up on the Featured Wall. Have a Great Week! Phil the Er on the left
2010-08-31 at 01:48:34
Thanks to all my fans, I guess you all made it possible to be a featured band on the IMRadio home page. Again thanks to you all. Mike Ballara
2010-06-10 at 19:20:13
Thanks again to all of those whom has become my fans. My new album "Smoothie" is goint to be posted shortly. Check it out. Thanks
2010-05-27 at 13:33:58
Hello! I like your music. Best regards from Poland. Isa
2010-05-17 at 22:28:26
Bienvenido, es un placer ser tu amigo virtual, si usted está dispuesto a escuchar, también puede visitar estos sitios bertodavila tasdebuenosaires vila_lopez_holmberg http://notasdebuenosaires Muchas gracias por su atención, saludos Ro, gasshó
2010-05-17 at 21:19:13
Thanks to all the new fans. it humbles me to know that actually somebody likes my music. Keep listening, a new smooth jazz album is in the works.
2010-04-29 at 19:39:23
Hi fellow musicians, I apologize for not responding sooner to thank to you all whom have become my fans. I really appreciate it and it gives me the challenge to better myself and keep on offering a product you all can enjoy. Mike B.
2010-04-25 at 18:47:30
Thank you very much for you nice comment! It's a great honor to be your fan!!!! :)
2010-04-25 at 01:56:31
Very nice sound!!!! Starlaband
2010-04-24 at 18:10:19
Good luck!
2010-04-23 at 19:18:24
Thank you guys for giving us this opportunity. I think is great to be able to listen to groups and musicians that otherwise would go unrecognized, even though they make a great music.
2010-04-23 at 08:47:47
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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