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Offramp's Song Reviews

1.  Review: very ethereal and mysterious, it!
Song Name: Point of Departure
Date: 2014-02-05 16:38:33

2.  Review: Another wonderful track!
Song Name: When the Light Fades (Reprise)
Date: 2010-09-30 09:28:06
Reviewer: Gary Hayden

3.  Review: Another wonderful track!
Song Name: When the Light Fades (Reprise)
Date: 2010-09-30 09:27:58
Reviewer: Gary Hayden


Offramp's Information

Wickatunk, NJ

Progressive Rock

About Us:
Making its debut in 2001, OFFRAMP is a collection of music sonically reminiscent of classic and progressive rock with some ambient and electronica stylings. Difficult to categorize into one format, OFFRAMP's music takes its cues from a variety of influences in creating a unique and distinct sound. DARK MATTER: Released in 2009, "Dark Matter," is now available for purchase at CDBaby and various internet digital download sources. "Dark Matter" adds thirteen songs to the OFFRAMP catalog that feature not only a marked growth in the music's development, but a dynamic and fresh sound as well. Moreover, whereas "Dark Matter" continues to reflect OFFRAMP's diverse range of styles, the music delves into expansive sonic territory that weaves intricate arrangements with heavy and melodic textures resulting in energetic, moving, and thoughtful soundscapes. "Later Days" -- New cd by OFFRAMP. Released August 2010, "Later Days" features an eclectic mix of fifteen instrumental songs that range in sound and style from ambient piano to atmospheric soundtracks. For more information, go to and

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Wow, love the improv! It's sort of my style to. It sounds like you love to just sit down hit record and play. Thats how music is made :)
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2010-08-24 at 01:04:15
Great stuff you have going on here! You guys have to be the most diverse band I have heard in quite a long time keep up the good work! ShadowChaser
2010-08-14 at 02:48:09
Thanks a lot. You are always welcome. Have a good weekend.Iza
2010-08-09 at 15:09:35
Listened to Dark Matter; love it. Great song and sound. Im impressed.
2010-07-10 at 07:43:56
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Thanks, Paul.
2010-07-08 at 02:04:10
Hi, i love prog and i love what your doing musically, thanks for the friendship and support, cheers...
2010-06-15 at 16:37:48
greetings from Serbia! great music here! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists...H E L P ps.if you like my songs,please,give your friends to listen... cheers!
2010-05-30 at 07:52:44
Good stuff!
2010-05-24 at 03:26:36
Nice tunes!
2010-05-07 at 17:24:16
Hi Offramp, nice sound and thanks for your comments, Ghislain
2010-05-03 at 18:12:47
Cheers Offramp! keep the music playing :)
2010-04-27 at 15:49:21
Greetings from PL. Isa
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