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1.  Review: hi passion, I love to hear your music, kisses from Brazil for you, success.
Song Name: A Better Place
Date: 2010-07-27 10:01:46
Reviewer: bandoleirorenegado

Song Name: Life Goes On
Date: 2010-07-26 07:43:03
Reviewer: Diana Wilson


Mary Lemanski's Information

Downers Grove, IL


About Us:
Mary Lemanski started her professional music career at age 11, playing pipe organ. For the past 14 years, Mary has released her original music on the Internet. In 2004, she placed runner-up in the Song of the Year Contest, had a Top 10 Hit on's New Wave charts, and performed at the One World Festival in St. Cloud, MN. In 2005, she was showcased at Earth Mother Mind Jam in Tempe, AZ, the Putt Putt Pub Crawl in St. Louis, MO, and the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA. In May 2006, Mary won honorable mention in the R&B/Hip-Hop category of the Song of the Year Contest. In 2010, Mary Lemanski released her first full-length CD, "Eclectic." Since releasing "Eclectic," Mary has performed at Six Flags Great America and was a Semi-Finalist in the 2011 Song of the Year songwriting contest. She was also a Regional Winner in Flavorpill's A Band Apart competition and was featured on the Chicago Regional Winners mixtape. In 2012, Mary released, "Speechless," an album of instrumentals in various genres. She is currently working on her third full-length release. Mary earned a Music/Business Administration degree from Millikin University, a certification in audio engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, and an MBA in e-Business from the University of Phoenix. She is the Director of Operations and the Chicago & Springfield, IL coordinator for Songsalive!, an international songwriting organization. Mary has worked widely in the music industry, including Epitaph Records, BMG Entertainment, Clear Channel Radio,, and Rhino Staging. Mary has done songwriting, marketing, and image consultation for many record labels and individual artists. She wrote columns for and LooseyLucy's Headquarters and opened for Marky Ramone & the Speed Kings, D.I., and Val Emmich. Mary is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), as well as the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). In addition to performing her original music, Mary is available for hire to perform classical, jazz standards, showtunes, and pop. Her other interests include spending time with her family, acting, dance, writing, and reading.

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Flowh Calendar


2010-10-13 at 11:31:34
Yeah! Good too see you as featured artist on IMRadio! You rock!! Love, Calley
2010-10-13 at 05:21:11
Hi ~ RickyFingerz the alien here ~ I have created our own BC social club packed with artists, friends & fans. It's time we had one too. We also have our own Space Band Booking Agency. If U wish your songs aired on my radio network contact one of our admin's there, Al Cox Records ~ We are also adding more radio hosts ~ If U host or want your own Live Radio Video shows WE WANT YOU ~ We plan to go 24/7 with our shows~Comedy as well ~ http://alienfingerz.ning. com/page/cox-music-show ~ Make sure there R NO Spaces in this URL Link between the DOT & COM
2010-10-10 at 06:11:43
With you is beautiful, Hugs
2010-10-05 at 23:58:23
I like you songs very much :)
2010-09-23 at 08:56:45
Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre! Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
2010-09-14 at 23:13:29
one must always be willing to Look Beyond their own Limitations, in order to achieve their Dreams...for show me someone who Dehends their Limitations and I'll show you somene who Gets to Keep them!... Peace Frontline
2010-09-07 at 01:07:56
Happy Labor Day to you!!!...Hope it was a Great summer of Fun excitement and Love, Love is all we need!!!! Peace... Frrontline
2010-09-02 at 06:21:05
Thanks so much!!!
2010-08-19 at 20:24:49
Sounds great! Love your songs...I'm recording some of my songs with Jimmy Dean Brooks (might have heard him with Wily Bo Walker) and would be grateful if you came by and gave us a listen. There's more to come. Look forward to hearing more from you...
2010-08-07 at 06:54:20
Parabéns pelas belas canções! Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre!
2010-08-06 at 15:11:45
Mary, you're most welcome! Enjoy being on IMRadio. Peace, Veronica
2010-08-06 at 03:07:40
Stop by sometime and let me know what you think about my music. They are songs I wrote. The first song is my latest. I hope you like them. /bands/default.cfm?bandID =999439 Blessings, RedHeart
2010-07-27 at 19:28:14
hi passion, I love to hear your music, kisses from Brazil for you, success.
2010-07-23 at 09:41:26
Hey Just stoppin By to send the Best to you and Hope you are Doing Great...Spread the Joy with that Golden Smile...Much Luv to you... Peace... Frontline
2010-07-16 at 10:08:10
Nice tunes!
2010-07-13 at 02:59:22
2010-07-12 at 22:57:07
Best wishes and hope for all your dreams come true.
2010-07-05 at 00:34:13
Want to wish all who are involved with IMRADIO, both those who are Artist and of course those on the technical end for certain, a Happy 4th of July...we all share the Love for freedom, especially freedom of speech, to be able to perfect our craft...with those words we paint pictures of Love, respect and persuit of happiness all over the world...Peace to all our brothers and Sisters of Music...Much Luv to you all....Peace ....Frontline
2010-06-13 at 21:57:32
Hey Mary, Met you on imradio. At the risk of sounding cliché, I feel a kindred of spirit in your work. And also in your heritage, as I am of Polish descent. There is a Unitarian church in Wausau that has a great pipe organ, a baby Steinway, and a bunch of great people that would enjoy a visit from you. Wouldn't that be something? I am a songwriter too. I tried to send this message via Myspace but your settings did not allow it. Peace, all good, Patrick Klaybor
2010-06-08 at 21:22:26
All the best from Poland ,KLATA !
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