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Tonino Borzelli's Song Reviews

1.  Review: davvero divertente :D
Song Name: Figli del prevedibile
Date: 2010-10-28 17:54:06
Reviewer: Moon Parade

2.  Review: Extremely attractive!!!
Song Name: Bene o male
Date: 2010-07-27 04:38:48
Reviewer: Jasmine Brown

Song Name: Ninnaò
Date: 2010-07-04 11:31:29


Tonino Borzelli's Information


pop alternative comedy

About Us:
I'm an italian musicians: i've played rock, pop, jazz, classic funky and a lot of stupid music for money. non i've few money, but's not important because i suggest people my music. Hello

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Peppino e
\'e ddoje

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2010-05-18 at 17:50:47
Ey Tino, nice stuff !!! How ya uploaded a video man ? Cheers from Slovenija.
2010-05-18 at 12:11:12
W!!! MN, THT SCKS!!!! ;p
2010-05-18 at 00:08:31
No, Thank you! Mark
2010-05-17 at 17:46:51
Hi. I posted 2 new songs a week ago. I'd love feedback. Fool For Me & Running Away are the new ones. The vocals aren't anything to write home about, I smoke, I'm old, whatever. I try to write good songs so, I want to be a writer not a performer. So let me know what you think good or bad when you get a chance. Thanks so much Mark
2010-05-17 at 10:34:41
;) Milli Graci!!
2010-05-16 at 18:35:16
" Non so che titolo dargli.." UAU!!!! How about..: "AWESOME". ;)
2010-05-16 at 18:30:01
CIAO Tonino- Come sta il mio amico di talento? Più incisivo umorismo! Pace! NO KARAOKE!!! Martin
2010-05-15 at 22:12:33
Nice Tonino! Like your sound! Cheers...DFM
2010-05-15 at 16:05:56
Tonino, thanks for the kind words. It keeps us going. IMRadio is taking all the pains to do the best for our artists. Enjoy being played here! Keep smiling and do wonders! Peace, Veronica
2010-05-13 at 23:26:46
Thank you very much for your comment, very nice your music and voice is a pleasure to be your virtual friend, Ifyou want to visit bertodavila avila_lopez_holmberg /notasdebuenosaires http://notasdebuenosaires Thank you very much for your attention Greetings, gasshó
2010-05-13 at 18:09:52
Hi Tonino! Thanks for becoming a fan. You're very clever! cheers, Connie
2010-05-13 at 16:05:22
Tonino, You're always welcome! Rock on! Stay connected! Peace, Veronica
2010-05-12 at 05:23:38
And thank you very much for your words on my music!
2010-05-12 at 05:09:49
Ciao Tonino! Grazie mille per il add. Il mio sitio e ui Per certo, hai un gran stilo, me piace moltissimo la tua musica. Complimenti! Ciao da Guadalajara, MX.
2010-05-09 at 19:54:39
hi Tonino, cool tunes! peace
2010-05-07 at 20:47:05
yes we are also Myspace buddies. Great to connect with fellow musicians. All the best -Sarah Mel.
2010-05-07 at 17:17:52
Thanks Tonino for visiting my profile!
2010-05-06 at 20:59:51
grazie 1000 per il msg, davvero gentile!! anche a me piace molto il tuo stile, davvero diverso e originale, ma con un ottima musicalità- a presto x
2010-05-05 at 19:47:37
Thank you for becoming a fan!
2010-05-05 at 01:02:44
Caro Amico! Ci ritroviamo anche in U.S.A....che bello! Ciao MAESTRO!
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