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Jimmy Dean Brooks's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Great vocals and guitar work!
Song Name: Every Body Needs Somebody W Alfredo, Rick, Woody
Date: 2011-10-03 20:54:23
Reviewer: Stephen James Bach

2.  Review: Great guitar sound !!
Song Name: "My Time To Boogie"
Date: 2010-11-29 22:04:45
Reviewer: Nupachino

Song Name: Whose Turn Is It (W) Jojo Taylor
Date: 2010-11-11 16:50:10
Reviewer: Jojo Taylor

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Jimmy Dean Brooks's Information

Warrensville, NC


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My New Friends Are Number (1)

Thanks Sooo Much For Stopping In and Listening To My Songs. All Of You Have Great Songs and Sites and It is An Honor To Be Called Your Friend. Thanks and Visit Me On See You There! Please Keep In Touch! Thanks You IM-Radio for bringing Us All Together. Jimmy

"Time To Forget You"

A New Single from a Soon To Be Released CD was Mixed and Released at Abbey Road Studio In London on 06-08-2010. The Artists--Wily Bo Walker--Karena Kelly joined forces with Jimmy Dean Brooks to Produce Some Fablous Music Together. Wily and Karena have worked together over the Years and Just joined together with Jimmy. These 3 Make a Perfect Match. Stay Tuned For the New CD Release!



Our Heroes\'
Across The
Seas\' And
At Home


I Declare My
Love For You
(W) Colin
Johnny Gray,
& Jimmy

Flowh Calendar


2010-09-18 at 08:22:12
You have some really cool tunes!!! God Bless
2010-09-18 at 04:32:29
Your tracks are awesome! Have a super weekend.Hugs
2010-09-17 at 14:03:23
Great stuff brother Jimmy!...much respect...Mojo!
2010-09-17 at 13:41:47
Great stuff Jimmy loved it God bless from London UK
2010-09-17 at 12:08:51
My friend, I had to stop back by and tell you how much I really enjoyed your tune 'Miss my daughters'! Totally awsome guitar!
2010-09-12 at 21:59:08
MAN can you play!!! Best regards Jimmy- you are the Real Deal imo.
2010-09-12 at 13:23:26
Hey Jimmy D! Thanks for finding us here too, We are huge fans. Mucho love and respect
2010-09-10 at 19:04:01
Very passionate music! Great stuff! Thanks for being a fan as well! Best Wishes,Monica Chapman,jazz vocalist,Toronto,Canada.
2010-08-26 at 20:45:44
Great music Jimmy.
2010-08-18 at 02:01:10
I wanna be on your fan list buddy!
2010-08-02 at 16:15:42
Hey Jimmy--stopping by to wish you another awesome week my friend. Always fun to stop and look at your pictures here, as well as to visit a great friend. Sorry I was a little slow to respond, though I tend to also take off the weekends from here as well. Hope this week you all three rock those music charts like never before!!! LOL--Mikel
2010-08-02 at 05:38:54
Hey there! I put a new single up (THE HUM) on my page. I'd love to hear what you think about it. =)
2010-07-15 at 04:31:20
Hey there Jimmy, my song 'Midnight Walk' is No 1 in the Indie Jazz chart toady and our single 'Time To Forget You' with my cosmic twin Wily Bo Walker is at No 2! LOL. KK
2010-07-11 at 22:26:01
Hey Jimmy, Midnight Walk went straight in at No 3 in the myspace Blues chart so we've got the Top 3. It's at No 2 in Uk Alternative too. Hope you're having a great day!
2010-07-09 at 20:11:31
Hi there Jimmy, great news about 'Time To Forget You' and having Drive at No.2 as well is amazing! A huge thankyou to all of our friends and fans for their support. Have a great weekend!
2010-07-09 at 20:01:52
Hi Jimmy, thought you'd like to know that our single 'Time To Forget You' with Wily Bo Walker is No1 in the UK myspace Indie Blues charts! Thanks to all our great supporters out there who are making it all happen!
2010-07-07 at 20:44:27
Hi Jimmy, Time To Forget You is doing really well. Great stuff! We've got a swampy new EP out on iTunes at b/album/speaking-of-happi ness-ep/id381094256?uo=4 Can't post the cover tracks on IM so preview them at www.reverbnation/com/ratt linbone Have a great day!
2010-07-05 at 19:17:33
Jimmy, just dropped by for my fix of some wicked guitarin - 'Mr Jimmy Dean Brooks' style! hope you're well :)
2010-07-05 at 00:37:18
Want to wish all who are involved with IMRADIO, both those who are Artist and of course those on the technical end for certain, a Happy 4th of July...we all share the Love for freedom, especially freedom of speech, to be able to perfect our craft...with those words we paint pictures of Love, respect and persuit of happiness all over the world...Peace to all our brothers and Sisters of Music...Much Luv to you all....Peace ....Frontline
2010-07-03 at 22:35:14
Thanks 4 Your Support!!!! Keep the Faith!!!
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