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Song Name: We Never Said Goodbye
Date: 2010-09-17 01:53:53
Reviewer: Alpha Records International

2.  Review: Love the 'feelings' expressed in this song!! Great Work!!
Song Name: We Never Said Goodbye
Date: 2010-07-31 05:55:29
Reviewer: Diana Wilson


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About Us:
Andrea Riccio was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 16th 1989. She started singing at a very young age, listening to her favorites pop singers and trying to mimic them. When she was 13, she wrote her first song, "Angel's Life". She had her first rock band with 14 years old, and finally got on stage in a High School festival. Since then, she's never stopped. Despite her young age, she has long been used to the stage - being on it most of the time with bands that she was once part of. That gave her a lot of experience facing the crowd. In 2008, she started recording her first solo album, "Along the Road" - which is being released on may '09. Nowadays, beyond doing the marketing for her solo project, Andrea is also the singer of the girl band Vanity; studies Speech and Hearing Science at Uni; keeps writing more stuff for her next album, and seeks to improve her musical knowledge as much as she can.

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2010-06-10 at 16:35:43
Hi from U.K. Enjoyed "We Never Said Goodbye". Good song, good voice.
2010-05-27 at 17:10:43
wishing everyone a Great extended weekend...Kick summer off with a Blast!!!...we only got one Life to Live Child!....Peace ,,,Frontline
2010-05-26 at 16:21:06
Cool songs...appealing voice Andrea..chek out my tunes if u got time..cole.
2010-05-18 at 19:52:46
Thank you are great keep in touch check out me on my page or www.
2010-05-14 at 18:44:41
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2010-05-14 at 04:28:55
Hi Andrea, Thank you, enjoying your music. Cheers John - BlackDogHat UK
2010-05-07 at 20:36:09
Thxs for the add,cool music,come check out my latest music & Others I produce at file/Montreal666 & have super day Adios Mario
2010-04-30 at 20:31:12
2010-04-28 at 19:17:30
Hi Andrea, Just stopped in to Visit and Listen to Some Great Songs. Great Job My Friend. Jimmy
2010-04-28 at 15:35:39
I alway feel happy eny time i listen to ur songs i wish u more beast
2010-04-28 at 09:28:46
new music up. please listen and tell me what you think. ps have a great weekend.
2010-04-28 at 02:21:23
I always feel ur songs that the good song keep moving up
2010-04-27 at 22:13:53
Hi Greetings from Vancouver BC Great songs here. We wish you all the best and may destiny lead You and the music to Greatness Mike.
2010-04-26 at 06:43:57
HI Andrea,,nice song We Never said Goodbye and Society Virus,,like the blend of music and your vocals on these songs,Keep up the good work ..youe are certainly going in the right direction PEACE AND PROSPERITY CLint
2010-04-24 at 19:52:27
greeting from serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs. in serbia not suport artists... h e l p !
2010-04-24 at 19:51:44
greeting from serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs. in serbia not suport artists... h e l p !
2010-04-24 at 03:05:10
hi Andrea, very cool songs..nice work! peace
2010-04-22 at 13:40:54
Hi Andrea, lovely to meet you and wishing you a beautiful day! Louise
2010-04-21 at 13:47:44
Hello! Nice to meet you.My name is SHOKEO. Please listen to my musical piece by all means. Give a listen if you have the time. I need the feedback!!! Keep in touch! *** Twitter me : *** okeo oromanchistripperband
2010-04-21 at 06:05:19
Hello Andrea! Vem a Sao Paulo. Vem a Brazil! Congratulations on being a Featured Artist! You have some great music here. Glad we found you. Phil the Er on the left
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