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Song Name: Hold On Sage album
Date: 2012-05-01 19:03:13
Reviewer: Adrian Bower Band

2.  Review: I LUV IT
Song Name: Sage
Date: 2010-08-01 23:03:30
Reviewer: Motzer

Song Name: Sage
Date: 2010-08-01 07:00:34
Reviewer: DEMI EVANS


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Austin, TX

About Us:
Tommy and piano Kenny Sharretts ....drums and percussion Harry Roberts... producer , engineer , synthesizers Jared Jonas Saks... bass Matthew Temple....bass Maxx Greta...bass Al Griffy...bass itunes,rhapsody,amazon,Waterloo Records Austin, direct from for the physical album 1

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'Sage' the album......New Release

Recognized by artists around the globe ,In his newly released album 'Sage' ,Tommy Young blends a variety of genres while reflecting on some of life's most important journeys Available at Waterloo Records ( Austin, Tx. ) or direct by request to $15.00 TTL ( includes shipping and handling ) to anywhere in the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii Also available now on... iTunes Mexico, Rhapsody, MySpace Music, Amazon MP3, Napster, iTunes U.S., iTunes Australia/N.Z., iTunes Canada, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japantommy thank you for your consideration, Tommy Young 512-638-0491 cell


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2010-09-25 at 04:49:59
I update a new song. A little tribute to B-Movie artist. Enjoy!
2010-09-13 at 08:36:11
Hey Tommy..coming by to get my fix of your music..especially "Sage"..How are you..? I haven't been around much lately..Hope you're well.. Much Love.. Jen xo
2010-09-07 at 04:13:04
My new song "(no more)LIES" was up-loaded. Please listen by all means.
2010-08-27 at 05:40:38
Thanx man. Keep on the good work! Peace, Basil ( .
2010-08-26 at 05:38:02
Hey what's up? Thanx a lot 4 the friendship. Nice tunes! Did U check out mine ?? They're various styles & I'm sure U'll really enjoy most of them, if not all. Cheers, Basil.
2010-08-19 at 06:54:18
Sounds great! Love your songs...I'm recording some of my songs with Jimmy Dean Brooks and would be grateful if you came by and gave us a listen. There's more to come. Look forward to hearing more from you...
2010-08-04 at 15:29:15
Ahhh, you're are there on IMRadio's featured Artist wall. Great job. Good Luck!! Love, Calley
2010-08-03 at 01:29:46
Thank you very much Tommy!!!
2010-08-02 at 19:52:55
Hi Tommy, Thank you for your kind review of my song One Good Song. I am very pleased you liked it and that you took the time to let me know. Sue Nikas PS I am liking this instrumental you are doing as I post which sounds very Celtic and at the same time using electric guitars and it sounds like a keyboard. That is neat!
2010-08-02 at 09:04:06
Don´t forget to rate songs!!
2010-08-02 at 09:01:47
Hello Tommy, I was born in 1968 and grown up with Hendrix and the " flower power" generation.I always listen to Bands like Chuck Berry,Jerry Lee, Stevie Ray Vaughan and stuff like this.I guess we`re not a typical reflection of german music...After the second WW the americans do not only brought us Mickey M and Coca´ve brought us your great music..Peace Motzer
2010-08-02 at 05:38:44
Hey there! I put a new single up (THE HUM) on my page. I'd love to hear what you think about it. =)
2010-08-01 at 11:52:10
Hello, thank you very much for the add. I hope you like my tunes...Peace to you Motzer Mannheim/ Germany
2010-08-01 at 02:15:40
Thanks for the add on, Tommy, great songs you have really good stuff! Best of luck to you.
2010-07-25 at 01:28:44
Thanks a lot Tommy your sound is great!
2010-07-24 at 07:28:10
Thanks for your time in my channel! Love your guitar music great playing! Best wishes.
2010-07-13 at 11:40:53
Hey Tommy..Back to listen to my fave songs..Been awol for 3 months..House move went well, but couldn't get net's what ya get for living in the bush..haha..all good now :) Still sounding wonderful Tommy.. Much love always to you.. Jen xo
2010-07-05 at 19:12:13
Hey Tommmy - sorry for not seeing your comment before just now :) thx a million man, much appreciated! I hope you're having a great weekend - chat soon bro!
2010-06-23 at 00:45:03
If you get a chance, please check out the song and new video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
2010-06-12 at 22:04:47
LALALALove your songs Tommy!!!! Miss you!! I can't get SAGE out of my head!!!
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