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Clarendon, TX


About Us:
Solo Singer/Songwriter w/ 34 years exp. performing Original Compositions,(200) & "Cover-Songs",(1800). 2000 Tracks TOTAL!!!

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2010-04-28 at 01:53:51
Hi Bobby! Go to your profile and right click on the pic you want and hit save picture as, and then paste it on your desktop. then you can insert it in IM Radio. Charlie
2009-11-11 at 01:45:33
Hope all is going well for you. Paul.
2009-10-22 at 11:54:41
Listening to This Same Jesus. Great sound, message, song and beautiful vocals. If you get a chance, check out our song "Descent from Heaven's Sky." Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-10-22 at 11:52:49
Nice to Meet You ... "From I had a dream to keep hope alive, to yes we can these days we'll survive, we will thrive, he won't leave the people behind - From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a Bush Abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new reggae/rock/folk song "ObamaNation” [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]. If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-05-23 at 00:23:48
Paddy...How do I "Up-load" a photo from my Myspace Music Profile to this site?? Thnx, Bobby.
2009-03-17 at 16:04:55
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
2009-03-03 at 20:21:34
Hey Way ta go Bobby!!! Welcome to IM Radio! Glad to see you got your songs up. Paddy will take good care of you, If you need anything from IM all you have to do is ask, This is the best Internet radio out there. Keep up the good work for Jesus. You need to get your picture on here so people can see who you are. Charlie

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