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1.  Review: Like the feel!!! Great instrumentation...!!!
Song Name: Sleepin Through a Dream
Date: 2010-07-30 02:12:46
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

2.  Review: I love it, I always did...
Song Name: Simply Over
Date: 2010-03-25 07:28:12


NOMIS's Information

Daytona Beach, FL


Twelve String Acoustic

About Us:
Solo self taught singer/song writer Acoustic twelve string all original songs CD --NOMIS "Found Myself Lost"

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Hey, I just uploaded some brand new video's from my cd NOMIS "Found Myself Lost" They are all straight from my webcam with no extra's what so ever, Pure acoustic , Live , Come check em out. I'd like to say thank-you to all my fans and especially to IM Radio for all the excellent Exposure that I have gotten from this site. You guys are AWESOME ! Sincerely NOMIS





Through a




A Trip Down


Simply Over 


A Trip Down


Along the



Flowh Calendar


2010-07-05 at 00:43:12
Want to wish all who are involved with IMRADIO, both those who are Artist and of course those on the technical end for certain, a Happy 4th of July...we all share the Love for freedom, especially freedom of speech, to be able to perfect our craft...with those words we paint pictures of Love, respect and persuit of happiness all over the world...Peace to all our brothers and Sisters of Music...Much Luv to you all....Peace ....Frontline
2010-05-27 at 17:12:18
wishing everyone a Great extended weekend...Kick summer off with a Blast!!!...we only got one Life to Live Child!....Peace ,,,Frontline
2010-05-17 at 17:53:10
Hi. I posted 2 new songs a week ago. I'd love feedback. Fool For Me & Running Away are the new ones. The vocals aren't anything to write home about, I smoke, I'm old, whatever. I try to write good songs so, I want to be a writer not a performer. So let me know what you think good or bad when you get a chance. Thanks so much Mark
2010-05-02 at 04:53:17
greeting from Serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs! in Serbia not suport artists... h e l p
2010-04-27 at 21:41:32
thanks for your friend, you have 2 talents i dont have, you play realy nice of your guitare, and you have a voice ! grats and thanks again. FSN
2010-04-27 at 19:50:02
Hi Nomis, so nice tunes, keep up this good work! Wish you all the best and many success! Cheers, Kimmy
2010-04-26 at 11:38:00
Sleepin Through a Dream is superb!
2010-04-26 at 11:37:35
Sleepin Through a Dream is superb!
2010-04-26 at 11:37:14
Sleepin Through a Dream is superb!
2010-04-25 at 03:07:12
One of my favorite instruments in the world even though i'm a drummer,sounds really good,very nice,thanks for the music.
2010-04-22 at 15:14:28
Hi my friend, it is lovely to meet you and I wish you a nice day! Louise
2010-04-12 at 22:38:30
We are happy to become your friends! If you have time, please, check out our stuff!!! Kisses from Ukraine!
2010-04-12 at 21:34:39
Hey Nomis:Thanks for the add-great lyrics songs.Talented.jim
2010-04-11 at 23:40:40
Thanks for adding us on, am listening to Simply Over, beautiful melancholy mood here! Nice lyric too..Enjoy your vacation! All the best, Lisa
2010-04-08 at 12:43:37
Hi Simon my email is send a mail and we can discuss a few things that might real be of benefit to you you certainly have the stuff cheers Slatz
2010-04-07 at 14:30:54
Thanx for comment,I'm also self taught.Have requested friendship on MyspACE.If u are still interested in doing cover versions of my songs ,message me there and I'll send you the mp3,lyrics and chords.Good sounds!
2010-04-07 at 05:23:45
Hi Simon, Thanks so much for becoming a fan of my music. Pleased to discover your songs ! Marc
2010-04-07 at 00:54:57
When your music is the Sunshine in someone's life, you will never standing in the shadow. Thanks for your Sunshine. After Son † Amsterdam.
2010-04-06 at 21:19:09
Thanks for being a fan
2010-04-06 at 20:40:28
Thank you very much for your comment, very nice your music and voice is a pleasure to be your virtual friend, Ifyou want to visit bertodavila avila_lopez_holmberg /notasdebuenosaires http://notasdebuenosaires Thank you very much for your attention Greetings Ro,
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