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world/reggae/gospel/spoken psalm

About Us:
Born under the silver moon at the horn of Africa (Kenya), Bob has always been involved in music, dance, theatre and poetry as a way of transmitting peace n love in these Armagedeon times. It is in this spirit that Jah gave I the mission to spread the word since my childhood, first with a loving mom who sang gracious African lullabies that have often influenced my music. In high school I frequented a catholic school. My mum lives n dad passed away in 2000 . Also learnt a lot of traditional jigs with the late, a man who inspired me by his devotion to success and faith to the Almighty. more on bio at reverbnation...

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racial prejudice

Racial Prejudice Racial prejudice is an insidious moral and social disease affecting peoples and populations all over the world. It is diagnosed by the cataloguing of its various symptoms and manifestations which include fear, intolerance, separation, segregation, discrimination, and hatred. While all of these symptoms of racial prejudice may be manifest, the single underlying cause of racial prejudice is ignorance. Historically, a race of people is defined as a population with distinguishable biological features. While all humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens, races are distinguished from one another by such characteristics as hair colour and texture, skin colour, eye colour and shape, size of limb and body parts, and facial organs. Though scientists have reached the conclusion that these differences amongst peoples are superficial and have further agreed that all members of the species Homo sapiens have more characteristics in common than different, mankind itself continues to view each other from the features that are outwardly perceived. Indeed, humans are outwardly different in appearance; the problem arises when the symptoms of the disease become evident: intolerance, separation, and hatred. In a positive vein, one may embrace the differences of peoples across the face of the earth and marvel at the uniqueness of individuals who live on a different part of the globe or across the street. Racial prejudice perverts this uniqueness of the races and takes the view that these differences separate individuals further into groups, with one group being inferior to the other. Racial prejudice affects everyone. Inasmuch as racial prejudice manifests itself in that people are “pre-judged” based on superficial characteristics, we must honestly conclude that all people “suffer” from this on various levels. When we don’t know an individual well, we consciously or unconsciously begin to characterize him or her based on what we see. Again, this is due to our ignorance of the person’s real character and personality. We will form opinions, often based along stereotypical lines: “all people of such and such race are. . .” We can fill in the blanks with such expectations that certain races are intellectually superior, others are full of avarice, another is more artistically or athletically inclined, still another has members who are apt to be dishonest, etc, etc. . These ideas have been formed from society, media, and our own upbringing. Maybe these ideas have been taught directly or indirectly, acted out by one’s parents. Whatever the source, even the most enlightened member of a society will find that to some extent, he or she is judging another based on the superficial aspects of race. Racial prejudice has shaped the form of our present day societies; indeed, prejudice has shaped societies since time began. As far back as the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob living in the land of Goshen, peoples have been subjugated due to their differences. Beyond all of the spiritual implications of the nation of Israel living in Egypt, it is evident that the Egyptians feared the Israelites. Wherever there are differences, there is fear, intolerance, and injustice. From Hitler and the Nazis to the Southern American slave owners, prejudice of one race against another has resulted in atrocities. To counteract the disease of racial prejudice, modern-day societies have drafted and enacted legislation to ensure that people “treat” each other with respect and dignity allowing one another their inalienable right to their pursuit of life and liberty. While man’s actions can be legislated, their hearts and fears cannot. Thus, society continues to suffer from the disease. Forums, coalitions, and initiatives continue to be formed to foster unity, understanding, and tolerance. The best answer may be found in the Bible: “Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:37-40). Acts 17:26 , "He made every nation from one blood..."


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2011-06-09 at 16:23:03
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2010-10-13 at 17:24:35
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thanks my friend :)) my last cd just came out yesterday on iTunes Amatron Last voyage but also many songs free at Have a very nice Sunday xox Lulu
2010-05-02 at 04:35:26
greeting from Serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs! in Serbia not suport artists... h e l p
2010-04-30 at 15:09:10
Greeting & Salutations, from your Fan in the SunShine State of USA~ Beach Bum Pirate~ here wishing you all the best. ~_/)~
2010-04-28 at 21:28:36
Have a nice day and a lot of success. All the best. Many greetings from Kassel, Germany. Love and peace all over the world!
2010-04-28 at 15:47:50
Dear friend, thank you for your support, we wish you all the best! Aineshana
2010-04-27 at 23:05:19
Heey salvation army of jah:) Thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great week!! Wishing you love, peace and happiness:) Friend Stig Michael.
2010-04-27 at 16:05:16
2010-04-27 at 15:33:15
Give thanks to Jah Almighty I for the gift of life and strenght.Keep up your positive work Jah know.
2010-03-27 at 19:16:52
nuff respect brotha' jus makin friends and spreadin music holla! T
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