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Song Name: Missing You
Date: 2010-11-04 12:29:39
Reviewer: John Revitte

2.  Review: Awesome tune..!!
Song Name: Missing You
Date: 2010-07-31 05:18:21
Reviewer: Calley Daniel


Andrew Shorter's Information

Delaware, OH


About Us:
Instrumental fingerstyle melodic grooves......many more to come..... Also available on Reverbnation, Discover Media Network, Ourstage, and myspace.....check it out There are additional tunes, pix & info stuff there...peace all....

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new tunes available

New songs up.....check them out.....many more to come


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2011-11-20 at 21:43:53
Hi Andrew Love the music Best wishes dbtv, Lincolnshire England
2011-05-25 at 03:10:55
Thanks for being Fans and Friends Andrew,cheers!!!JoJo
2011-02-25 at 03:17:48
Cool music
2011-02-21 at 12:02:36
Hello, I'm a producer in Japan (#1 in Hip-hop and #8 across all genre in Japan on the ReverbNation chart and many songs on top of the SoundClick charts). I post 1 monthly new song that I mixed, composed or arranged with artists from all over the world and all genre. It's the monthly tune project! Check it out!_____________________ ________ My Headquarter and mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ ______________ - Thank you- Remi Desroques http://www.wavereaderprod .com
2011-01-12 at 10:49:36
2011-01-12 at 01:58:45
Hi, many thanks for your friendship and please excuse us for our very late reply! We've not never controlled our account before now! We've uploaded the new and definitive version of 2 of our songs, the others will come in the next months. The quality is very better and the lyrics in correct English (about time!). You can find us also on Myspace, have an excellent 2011 and greetings from Florence!!! Jack -SL-
2010-11-04 at 22:34:50
Hi Andrew, Outstanding work on "Missing You"!! If you're interested I have 147 songs posted on " itte" We are at #1 in Folk/L.A. Ca #7 in Folk/National and #11 in Folk/Global currently. The song "I Want To Live" 3/147 is now a free download. Again my friend,nice work! John
2010-10-20 at 09:18:07
Greetings from Serbia ! great stuff here! please,listen my songs or give your friends to listen. In my country not support artists...H E L P ! ps.artist IVEZA
2010-08-07 at 20:34:49
All the best to you from Bristol UK!
2010-07-21 at 22:30:53
Many thanks to everyone here and @ reverbnation for takin time from their busy lives to check out my tunes......peace, Andrew
2010-06-21 at 07:15:48
Thanks for the fan request. Another great musician from the heartland of the US, Ohio. Love your acoustic guitar. "Green Chilli" is SO HOT and "Need your Rain" is so cool. Great guitar riffs throughout. Nice tunes, nice style. Stop by and sample my wares. You'll like my new song "Good Enough Then" from the "People in the Street" CD. I use a classical guitar as the rhythm that holds the whole piece together. You'll like it. Your new fan, the LimboManBand, Buckeye Ocean, OHio, PEACE/LOVE/HOPE
2010-06-17 at 20:38:38
Hello! I was listening to your Song "Missing You" and some others. Good work and soft vibrations to dream away. Mira-Katharina
2010-06-12 at 13:57:53
2010-06-11 at 15:23:49
thank, I like Missing you
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