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1.  Review: Really nice song! Got a nice groove and plenty of angst!
Song Name: Xodus - Freebie - Feb '10
Date: 2010-12-04 17:54:17
Reviewer: Nostradamus


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About Us:
One new track - Any artist - Any genre - every Month All produced by Remi Desroques ______________________________________ ____ For more info: The Monthly Tune on Facebook - give me a like ;-): The Monthly Tune PC (Auto re-sizable for tablets): The Monthly Tune Mobile: te/ ______________________________________ ____ Since January 2009, Remi Desroques and Wave Reader Productions decided to release a tune per month and post it on the fan page at Reverbnation and many other places. The project showcases multiple genre of music from classical to hip-hop and anything in between.All of the music is mixed, engineered and arranged by Remi Desroques in Japan. The goal of this project is to help artists get a produced song and also to cross-promote both of our sides. After 3 years, the project keeps getting bigger and bigger with thousands of fan, hitting the Reverbnation charts like never before and so is the exposure for the artist featuring in it (#1 in hip-hop and #8 in all genre in Japan - top 600 in the world for hiphop). Stay tuned for new music coming as the Monthly tune compilation is growing! Follow me and join the mailing list (click home) to know when a new tune is up online and get exclusive download こんにちӗ 9;。レミ  487;ロックで&# 12377;。日本の 新潟で音ઌ 5;のプロデ 517;ーサーを&# 12375;ています 。(Reverbnation.comӗ 8;サイトで 085;本ではヒ&# 12483;プホップ No.1、全ての&# 12472;ャンルで はNo.8です)&# 12288;アーティ ストの方ә 8;、そうで 394;い方も、&# 12393;なたでも 私のサイӠ 8;を是非チ 455;ックして&# 12415;てくださ い。Monthly Tune(月刊配信& #26354;)は2009年 2363;ら始めて& #27598;月1曲、ӡ 8;ップホッ 503;から映画&# 12398;サウンド トラックӗ 4;どすべて 398;ジャンル&# 12398;曲をプロ デュースӕ 5;てみなさ 435;に配信し&# 12390;います。 アーティӟ 3;トは、日 412;から世界&# 21508;国までと 多彩ですӍ 0; 私はプロӠ 7;ュースや 289;ミックス&# 12289;レコーデ ィング(Ӥ 5;ーカルア 540;ティスト&# 12398;み)、そ して編集ӗ 8;全てを手 364;けていま&# 12377;。Monthly Tuneプロジェ&# 12463;トを通し て、そのӝ 0;ーティス 488;や私自身&# 12434;宣伝する 為、一生ৌ 0;命日夜を 839;わず頑張&# 12387;ています 。もしよӔ 3;ったらあ 394;たもメイ&# 12522;ングリス トに参加ӕ 5;たり、私 398;Youtubeサイト 2391;サインを& #12375;て毎月新 ;しいMonthly Tuneをあたな&# 12398;E-mailに配信&# 12375;たりする こともでӔ 5;ます。

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I read them all! Will keep doing it so stay tuned for the next Monthly tune!!!



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2011-03-10 at 19:09:55
Nice to see that you like our music. I will check out your stuff. Regards Christin
2011-03-09 at 17:03:19
Thanks for becoming a fan, like your stuff keep up the good work. erazamus
2011-03-09 at 02:51:18
Thanks for looking in and your support. Music is the key that opens many doors.Let me know what you think of my music. Jah Bless.
2011-03-07 at 09:18:20
Keep up the great work!
2011-03-07 at 01:30:18
Hi, thanks for the add, nice music. Check out the two new tracks I just upload, if you like. All the best for you.
2011-03-02 at 20:14:40
Hi...thank you v'much so, what do you think, do you want to produce our album on your country? regards from Jakarta
2011-03-02 at 17:30:33
Hi Remi, nice project!
2011-03-02 at 13:11:38
Thank you for your support, Luca
2011-03-02 at 02:22:03
Thanks Remi, All the best to you. Tom
2011-03-02 at 00:46:25
Wonderful Mixes my Friend, Live the Music Peace and Love
2011-03-01 at 23:22:07
Oh that's nice cool!
2011-02-28 at 22:05:44
Thanks for a chance to listen- glad I did; super.jim
2011-02-28 at 04:34:20
Thanks for adding me,come and visit us ar www.starchildthevrockoper
2011-02-28 at 01:47:13
OK, Thanks. I look it up \m/
2011-02-27 at 21:17:01
I love your song Beautiful Days. The singer almost sounds like Johny Cash, but more of a modern day voice. Haunting.
2011-02-27 at 21:15:12
thanks for the new friendship, pleasure to meet you here on IMRADIO
2011-02-27 at 06:35:14
Nice tunes!
2011-02-27 at 00:40:30
Excellent! Nice to meet you. Best regards!
2011-02-26 at 07:00:11
2011-02-25 at 21:33:05
Thanks for the hit, nice work and good to meet you here.
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