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spanish town

About Us:
Born in Kingston Jamaica,, Omar Phillips aka Ezekiah Rose answered the musical calling from a tender age .Raised in Spanish Town, where he would playing drums and perform on Sundays. Through the passage of time Ezekiah Rose matured and began composing materials, that drew the attention of people. The passion got greater after leaving school, accepting Rastafari both chanting and playing the guitar allowed greater and more meaningful inspirations. Ezekiah Rose appeared on a number of local shows such as smile Jamaica, Teenseen, Hype Tv and other cable stations. Ezekiah rose give thanks for all the airplay received from; Irie Fm, Hits Fm, Roots Fm, Best Fm and all who continues to spread the joy and music. One more day one more song. This is the approach Ezekiah takes as he writes about the universe glorifying the creator and expressing the soul. Ezekiah rose keeps rising and shows respect to every one who gave positive support; EARL CHIN LUCINO, GYPTION, LUTAN FYAH, BENJI MYIAS, CAPLETON, NATTY PA . Up & ready for stage shows, Ezekiah Rose says; "let JAH works be done, HOLY IMMANUEL KING SELASSE I JAH RASTAFARI...BLESS

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I'm currently on the Featured Band wall of IM Radio's home page. When you get a chance, can you listen to my songs and post ratings of support for the music you like? I very much appreciate the support. And I look forward to your feedback. Thanks and Nough Blessings, No Phear
2010-06-04 at 22:36:54
Just became a fan. Hope you'll return the favor. Nuff Blessings, No Phear
2010-05-31 at 22:14:03
congrats on being an IMRadio Featured songs! peace
2010-05-29 at 18:49:34
Hi Ezekiah, Love your music. Awesome stuff. Have a Great Weekend
2010-05-02 at 04:47:53
greeting from Serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs! in Serbia not suport artists... h e l p
2010-04-18 at 15:17:50
2010-04-01 at 20:49:02
That's about it!!!! For sure the slam...excellent. 1 love
2010-03-22 at 19:40:24
Yeah, could do, I've just a written a song about earth I might put it up here, got it proffessionally produced as well.. How are you anyhow?
2010-03-20 at 05:54:26
Hello Ezekiah Rose! Very cool songs here. JAH IS is very beautiful. Glad we found you. Phil the Er on the left.
2010-03-11 at 17:51:20
Hi Ezekiah Rose. I just listening to your great music. All the best. Isa
2010-03-05 at 15:23:41
Yeah sure we could do! All sounds good to me, if you give me your ideas I'll see can I come up with something, it's just time at the moment though, as am at college too doing the final year of my degree!
2010-03-05 at 07:59:50
Nice to meet you. If you get a chance, please check out "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
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