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Binghamton, NY

Gothic Horror Metal

About Us:
Rising from the ashes of Binghamton NY (home of Rod Serling), Others offer a blend of gothic Horror Metal.

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2009 Horror Fest AWARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 Horror Fest AWARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horror Film Features Best Horror Feature Slasher Film - The Spook Movie, (film 1 studios) usa Bitch Slasher, (gore group ltd) canadaBest Horror Feature Foreign Feature - GAME OVER , (timo rose) Germany Best Horror Feature Film Xperimental - DeMon, (film 1 studios) usa Audience Choice Horror Feature - The Spook Movie, (film 1 studios) usa Production Cast Features Best Horror Film Lead Actor - David Daze, sheriff bubba coltrane (the spook movie) Best Horror Film Lead Actress - Debbie Rochon, (GAME OVER) Best Horror Scream Queen - MELODY Nicola Fiore (Game Over) Nicole Signore, maria hunter,(BloodLust) Best Horror Film Villan - Warren W. Hogan, as the spook, (The Spook Movie) Best Horror Film Creature - David Daze , Brisbane's Demon, (DeMon) Best Supporting Male - Warren W. Hogan, as Jack in (DeMon) Best Supporting Female - TINA Raine Brown, (GAME OVER)Production Crew FeaturesBest Horror Film Director - David Daze, (The Spook Movie) Best Foreigen Horror Film Director- Timo Rose, (GAME OVER) Best Horror Film Production Co.- Film 1 Studios, GA BloodLust, (writer, Michael Kazlo II) Most Original Horror Screenplay - DeMon, (writer, David Daze) Best Horror Film Cinematography - DeMon, (film 1 Studios) Best Horror Film Editor - Roger Letizia, (The Spook Movie) Best Horror Film Music Score - Stephen Gilliam (DeMon) Best Horror Film Music Composer -Scarlet Letizia, (The Spook Movie) Best Hooror Film Stunts - The Spook Movie, (film 1 studios) Best Horror Film Make-up - The Spook Movie (film 1 studios) Best Horror Film SFX/Creature - Carl's Demon (DeMon movie,film 1 studios) Best Horror Film SFX Make-up - Timo Rose (GAME OVER) Best Horror Film Gore - The Spook Movie, (film 1 studios) Best Horror Film Cover Artwork - GAME OVER (Timo Rose) Best Horror Film Feature Trailer -DeMon 2009, Film 1 Studios Horror T.V. and Radio Hottest Horror T.V. Hostess - April Monique Burrill, (The Chainsaw Sally Show) Sexiest Horror T.V. Siren - Prisilla, (The Joe Flynn Show) Best Horror Xperimental T.V. Show - Reyna Young, (Last Doorway Productions) **Best Horror Music Video - Broken Vessels, (13 shades of madness)** **Best Horror Band Music - Others, (Binghamton NY )** Best Horror Band - Attack of The Vampirates, (Clarksville, Tn) Horror Film Legends Awards Tribute Award to Horror Film Director - George A. Romero Tribute Award to Horror Film Legend - Alfred Hitchcock Tribute Award to Horror Film Writer - Stephen King Tribute Award to Horror Scream Queen - Nancy Allen Robert Englund Cassandra Peterson, (Elvira)Horror Film Hottie Awards Sexiest Horror Film Actor- David Daze Hottest Horror Film Siren - Estefania Iglesias Brandi Boone Brandon Kamus Alyce Blondale Horror Short Films Best Horror Short Film - The Vampire Assassin, (archangel productions NY) Best Horror Short Film Xperimental - The Red Door, (destroy rock music productions) Audience Choice Horror Short Film - Incident At 211, (dream world/artEFX films SC) Best Horror Artistic Short Film - Out of Print, (last doorway productions) Best Horror Short Film Trailer - The Vampire Assassin, (archangel productions NY) Best Horror Short Production Co. - Destroy Rock Music Productions, CA. Best Horror Short Film Actress -Estefania Iglesias, (The Red Door) Best Horror Short Film Actor - David Fine, (The Red Door) Best Horror Short Film Director - Jason Bognacki, (the red door) Best Horror Short Film Writer- Michael Kazlo II, (The Vampire Assassin) Best Horror Short Film SFX - The Vampire Assassin, (archangel productions NY) Best Horror Short Film Editor - The Red Door, (Destroy Rock Music Productions CA) Best Horror Short Film Music - Loma Lynda, (The Red Door) Special Horror Mentions Special Horror Sneak Peek Teaser Tailer - Horrorville Teaser Trailer, (film 1 studios) **Best Horror Musical - Under the Sunset, (13 shades of madness) usa** B.A. Horror Villan Award - Warren W. Hogan Ms.International Haunted Horror Film Fest 2009- Alyce Blondale Horror Photography Best Horror Select Picture -Anthony Knapp Photography Gordon Smith Photography- Model Reyna Young Roger Letizia Photography -Model- Scarlett Brandt Photography- Model- Moncia Korvinkin Horror Screenplay Competition Best Horror Classic Screenplay - The Dead Risen, (writer) Paul C. Smith Bodies by the Lake, (writer) David Daze Best Horror Xperimental Screenplay -Stagnant, (writers) Simon and Kate Edwards, Alexander Gordon SmithBest Horror Suspense Screenplay - Goodbye Serenity, (writer) David Daze New Horror Film Break out Performances Newbie Horror Actor - Christoff Duff (Norman Blates, The Spook Movie)Newbie Horror Actress - Tana Banks, (Zoie, The Spook Movie) Newbie Horror Scream Queen - Oka Nowa Shannyn, (Darla, The Spook Movie) Newbie Horror Vixen - Stefani Brown, (Vampire Assassin) Newbie Horror Killer- David Fine, (The Red Door) Newbie Horror Filmaker - Micheal Harp,( Incident at 211) Newbie Horror Director - Jason Bognacki, (The Red Door) Best Horror Film Kills 2009 Official Selections #1- The Spook Movie, Machete thru park rangers head #2- The Vampire Assassin, Head torn off Kabob thru eyes Incident at 211 Horror Film Funniest Moments 2009 Selections #1- DeMon, the bank robbers challenged #2 -DeMon, dead possoum scene #3- Spook movie- Deputy Sweets guns missed fires

Others, "Under the Sunset" Review

Others, "Under the Sunset" REVIEW: *** (out of 4) Vampires are to die for. So we've learned with the highly successful Anne Rice and "Twilight" franchises. And so, too, does the fang-crossed lover learn in Others' new concept album, "Under the Sunset." In this case, its blood-hungry Juliet messin' with love is cloaked in goth horror metal. The Binghamton band's leader, Marquis DeBlood (a.k.a. Mark Dickinson) provides the creative force along with vocals, guitar and keys. In the past few years, he's worked to build Others' national brand in movies and music that includes the multi-hit CD "Garden of Rage." On "Sunset," he assimilates the spirit of "Rocky Horror," guts the satire and hardens the whole affair with metal jags. It's the classic love story: Boy meets girl, girl bites boy, girl loses her head. To tell the tale, DeBlood drives his three-piece through infectious 1-, 2- and 3-minute bites that nip at the heels of Danzig, Slipknot and Opeth, interspersed with some spoken word. Providing down-in-the-mud rhythm muscle are veteran drummer Mr. Webb and relative newcomer J.R. Rotting on bass. Adding a HorrorPops element on a handful of the 19 tracks is guest vocalist Mistress Jessica as the vampiress, while extra wailing guitar comes in a pair of Chris Scott cameos. The disc's combination of shoe-gazing goth and minimalist thrash builds the gravitas as the bitten protagonist wearies of the undead lifestyle. For thrashers, shuddering riffage spikes highlights like "To Walk Undead," "Camilla" and "Disintegrate." For trancers, there's the Dr. Phibes, keys-heavy "Till the Mourning Comes." Mistress Jessica's siren-smoky vocals add heart while she promises her dark-side Romeo things she can't deliver. She also heats up the climactic, head-tossing "Camilla" and the throbbing title cut. Scott's plaintive sonic soundscape deeply colors another highlight, "Lavender Sky," and the churning "Eternity." In the end, "Sunset's" staging mix may get a little Jekyll-and-Hyde, but its raucous panache lives up to one of its genre's truisms - vampires never get old.



Blame it on
the Boogie


\"Others\" -
Under the


Others -
\"At Dusk\"
Live at WVBR
Ithaca NY

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Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The song and video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2009-12-20 at 01:24:36
"Whispering Winds." Another Great Wild Track. Wishing you peace and happiness in this Season. Paul.
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Hi guys, great to meet you, wishing you a lovely weekend! Louise :):):)
2009-10-24 at 00:41:47
Just dropped by to say Hi. Listening to Camilla. Powerful sound, cool song & vocals. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
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