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The Homewreckers's Song Reviews

Song Name: Get Funky Pt. 2
Date: 2012-01-01 21:38:59
Reviewer: Project 9

Song Name: Wake Up
Date: 2010-11-26 21:40:24

3.  Review: Fellas' I love the message you all are giving in the song "wake up"!
Song Name: Wake Up
Date: 2010-10-15 09:48:00
Reviewer: Da JR

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The Homewreckers's Information

Chicago, IL

Rhythm And Blues

About Us:
Born in Lexington Mississippi, in 1945, I moved to Chicago when I was seven. As a young man I sang in my church choir, but my ears were primed by secular artist like Barry White and Tyrone Davis. In the 80's I began to appear locally on the west and south sides, sometimes fronting a R&B band called Blaze. In 1999 Johnnie Mae Dunson, who had written songs for Jimmy Reed and more recently had rejuvenated her own career as a singer, discovered me preforming on Maxwell Street. Hoping to groom me as Reed's successor, she signed me to her Lakada Label, where I cut to sides: "Shadow On The Wall," by Dunson, and my own "You Hit Me From The Bottom." The Home Wreckers were established in 2003, throughout the years new faces have been added to the band.Montague

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The Homewreckers


Johnnie Mae Dunson

Featuring L.T. McGee Message To The Pecple. On Reverb Nation.Con

The Homewreckers

Thank To all The people Who came To Support us on Imradio THANKS A LOT TO YOU HELP US GET A RECOR DEAL


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2010-08-01 at 07:37:42
Dear Homewreckers, Nice to see you here on IM RADIO! Best wishes, Kim Kehala
2010-07-29 at 23:26:19
Yeah digging the James Brown Tribute!Excellent!
2010-07-29 at 17:43:16
I LOVE your tribute to James Brown!!! AWESOME! Peace, Melissa B from Oxygen
2010-07-28 at 03:39:16
Hi yall :) hope you havent been wrecking any homes lately lol anyways just wanted to say thank you for being my friend :) i love to keep a close relationship with all my friends/fans so if ever you have any questions feel free to ask and i will respond to you at my earliest convenience. On your next visit please leave a review so that i'll know you are still there, listening to my songs, and are A-ok :). Thanx again for the friendship & thank you for taking the time to read this note and i hope to speak to you in the near future, your friend Terrence (M.C. Pressure Baby). **PRESSURE ON THE WORLD** NOW ON APPLEiTUNES & HTTP://WWW.CDBABY.COM/CD/ MCPRESSURE3
2010-07-27 at 17:51:54
is your house up for reposesion! if it is you can wreck it 1st! lol thanks for the luv gemrico.
2010-07-27 at 13:39:02
Thanks for joining my movement here on IMRadio. Much appreciated! I've also been featured on IM's front page so feel free to return the favor ;) Wake up is deep. Keep making 'em like that!
2010-07-27 at 08:23:21
Hey! Thanks for checking out my page! I really like your stuff, its awesome! =D
2010-07-26 at 19:11:54
thank you so much coming to my page and showing your support. :)
2010-07-26 at 00:58:54
Thanks for stopping by and being a fan!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!
2010-07-25 at 21:36:43
2010-07-25 at 06:37:52
Good Stuff!!! Thanks for the Friendship and for listening!!! Much Success!! DocTaryn
2010-07-24 at 07:36:45
Waz not Bootsie. You're blowin' my mind. P.S. Somebody got to be from Philly. Schweet.
2010-07-23 at 22:51:45
Waked up now :-))and listen to you.....Great music guys,enjoyed.Ciao/ Mecco
2010-07-23 at 18:43:17
Hey, thanks for the add guys... great sounds..looove Get dad says you're what R&B really should be .. I dunno about that but I like it :D
2010-07-21 at 19:01:02
Hi,thank you for stoppin by,peace!!!
2010-07-21 at 17:07:33
Hi guys! thanks for stopping by! great music!!! Greetings from holland! Ciao
2010-07-21 at 07:30:23
Thanks for catching up with me!!!Cheers for connecting! Great groovin' funk!!! Best Wishes Always!
2010-07-20 at 00:59:52
Hello I have another page with my face. lol. Please vote and comment there. Thanks Divine Charle'nee
2010-07-15 at 22:14:41
good rhythm good blues...good music......the best to all of you
2010-07-14 at 14:58:02
Congratulations!! Pleasure to see you on IMRadio's featured artists' wall! Blessings, Calley
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