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New York, NY


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2010-09-10 at 05:40:46
Nice Sound So Strong ,Great Stuff.JBStudio.
2010-09-10 at 05:40:46
Nice Sound So Strong ,Great Stuff.JBStudio.
2010-05-02 at 13:55:23
greeting from Serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists... cheers!
2010-04-18 at 20:13:20
One Part of Me RULES my good man!
2010-03-12 at 08:44:40
Great job Gus thats my kinda stuff your playin there i love it.
2010-03-12 at 06:23:19
Hello Gus Stopped by to wish you a great weekend. Phil
2010-03-06 at 15:53:52
Rock On Gus!
2010-03-06 at 08:27:22
cool you are a feature band. I like your songs. peace
2010-03-05 at 13:38:14
Nice guitar work on the harmony, enjoyed it!
2010-03-05 at 08:21:57
Nice guitar work...enjoyed it, Cliff
2010-03-05 at 00:19:52
"The Mighty Woodrowe" is a mighty mighty fine piece of music! Enjoyed listening in; ROCK ON!
2010-03-03 at 20:54:46
like yr sound Gus!!!.....chek my tunes if u got time..cole.
2010-03-02 at 00:02:05
Thanks Gus, likewise! Your songs are really nice, especially Endless Sea, with exciting grooves and licks! Efxomai na pernas poli omorfa! Louise
2010-03-01 at 18:43:46
Greetings from Ukraine! We are happy to meet you. Take care and stay in touch.
2010-03-01 at 11:45:29
Hi Gus, Thanks for your kind words. You are a talented artist! * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo
2010-02-28 at 20:07:35
Enjoyed your music. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO REDHEARTS MUSIC Blessings, RedHeart
2010-02-28 at 17:45:28
Nice Songs MyNewFriend !! When u'll can vist MyPage TODAY 2 NEW SONGS: "Do You Like My Colour?" Against Fascism Lyrics & "5TP (2-14-09)" A Romantic ballad behind the Piano w/ many Surprises !!!! I'll Wait U MyFriend !! !!
2010-02-27 at 17:34:49
2010-02-26 at 08:41:12
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2010-02-26 at 02:50:50
Hi Gus - Great playing. I wish you continued succes. - - - - - - All The Best, - - - - - Tony DiLorenzo
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