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1.  Review: This is true passion!
Song Name: Stumbled Upon You
Date: 2013-01-26 21:59:50
Reviewer: chalam

2.  Review: Great stuff!I like this song a lot,especially singing in voices.
Song Name: Shoulda' Been
Date: 2010-09-07 05:42:40
Reviewer: Isa Conar

3.  Review: Great stuff.I like this song,especially singiong in voices.
Song Name: Shoulda' Been
Date: 2010-09-07 05:41:44
Reviewer: Isa Conar


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Bradenton, FL


About Us:
I am a Disabled American Veteran who keeps busy writing lyrics. I love writing and singing!!

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March 25, 2012 is my 40TH Anniversary and I was blessed to be able to write her this song for the occasion. Hope you are having a splendid weekend!! Many Blessings, Thomas W. Peterson AKA RedHeart


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2010-08-14 at 17:20:35
Greetings RedHeart, I just had a listen to your lyrics, then screen went down. Well done! By the way, where is Mallory Square?Have a good weekend,Rod
2010-08-11 at 16:22:27
Hi RedHeart, thanks for your comment regarding "Silhouette". I have no objection to you writing lyrics. Best wishes, Rod.
2010-08-10 at 10:29:03
Dear Redheart, Love your songwriting and music. I have heard some of it through Roger Ratliff Creations and you guys ROCK! Would love to have your tunes on IM RADIO West Virginia Radio Station! Hugs and blessings, Kim Kehala and Kim Kehala Music
2010-08-08 at 08:43:50
may god bless you always!!!!!!!!!!!i love writing too.....
2010-08-07 at 19:22:23
Nice sound bro...very original. Nice lyrics !!!
2010-08-07 at 06:56:42
Parabéns pelas belas canções! Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre!
2010-08-07 at 03:27:50
Hey Brother, Welcome home! Good stuff. Zak
2010-08-06 at 19:51:05
Hya Red Heart. Great songs, I like Shoulda been best.
2010-08-06 at 12:02:55
rock on ! from Italy...Esperia
2010-07-24 at 09:03:36
Nice to meet you. "Under Your Spell." Great Song, Sound, Style and Vocal. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-07-08 at 18:46:40
Hey buddy, I would just like to thank you for fighting for this country so we all can be free. GOD BLESS you my friend, keep up the writing.
2010-06-01 at 00:02:15
Nice tunes!
2010-05-31 at 23:51:29
Hey RedHeart, ...write on! All the best this Memorial Day! ;-]Steve
2010-03-22 at 23:53:26
so nice to connect with you ...Keep up the faith and Keep on playin your music!...Peace.... Frontline
2010-03-02 at 01:13:21
Hi RedHeart thanks for your friendship,I appreciate the support, keep up the good work!
2010-03-02 at 01:07:17
Dear Redheart, thanks for you nice comments and yes...of course I did! I love your song..."I wrote you this song", it is a beautiful piece of music. The recording is not clear though, because the vocals are distorted, and I would love to hear it well! Wishing you a great week, take care! :):):)
2010-03-02 at 00:18:51
Hi my friend, nice to meet you! Louise
2010-03-01 at 14:24:39
Thank you very much my friend Redheard , i hope all the best to you, take good care, Thanos.
2010-03-01 at 07:45:25
"If I'm Lucky" is a nice track. Good luck with your music. G-
2010-03-01 at 03:35:41
Thanx and I enjoyed your music too!!! Keep up the great work!!!
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