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Song Name: The Throat
Date: 2011-12-27 23:34:58
Reviewer: Pink Cigar Music

Song Name: Strange
Date: 2011-12-27 23:27:54
Reviewer: Pink Cigar Music

Song Name: Lady Killer
Date: 2011-12-27 23:22:01
Reviewer: Pink Cigar Music


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Ladbroke Grove

High Energy Rock n Roll

About Us:
Pink Cigar PINK CIGAR shoot their 'Generation Next EP' over the internet After an extremely busy and exciting year with over 120 gigs and shows under their belts, radio interviews and general Pink Cigar antics, the boys from Ladbroke Grove are ready to unleash the Generation Next Demo EP. With its national release set for January 2012, the Generation Next Demo EP will firmly establish these boys as one of London's best and exciting new bands, bringing them to the forefront with their high energy, glamorous and highly contagious rock & roll! Pink Cigar are currently an Independent band looking for a label and booking agency to bring their heavy blues riffs and high energy, infectious brand of rock & roll to the rest of the UK and beyond . Having already taken London by storm, playing at some of the best venues in and around London and the southeast, Sam Rutland (Bass), Edd Whyte (Lead Guitar), Sam 'Sharkie' Cottrell (Lead Vocals) and Sid Mayall (Drums) are by preparing to venture further afield on a mini tour in the New Year. Expect dates in Manchester, Liverpool Birmingham and Bristol to be announced shortly. The Generation Next Demo EP, Featuring Generation Next, Strange and Lady Killer is available to buy from

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Punk Globe Mag. Jan 2011

St Moritz Club Wardour St London NYE 2011 Deadboy Michael Goes to his local watering hole to find there's a band playing after Midnight. Its a band, have a- - - - "PINK CIGAR" ! I wanted a semi quiet New Years with old friends so I headed down to see Max & Rodger at The St Moritz a Club that has been going solid since 1963, with the same owner and ambiance you can expect from a long running club that has seen everything musical history has to offer. The night was full of friends and old regulars that flew in from OZ New Zealand New York LA etc. that just had enough of their families to come to the Moritz, not to mention the London regulars. As we toasted in the New Year we heard a strange noise from the dance floor, then of all things a band appeared! Happy New Years were called, PINK CIGAR were told. Amused we went to see what a PINK CIGAR is all about. The Club must have literally filled up as we were talking away amongst ourselves as we had to push our way forward through the crowd.The more chords and riffs I heard the more I pushed to see what the fuss was about. Whoops right into the mosh pit for a minute I thought I was back at CBGB's and there was "PINK CIGAR" bashing out Melodic Chords with powerful lyrics pleasing to the ears and feet. Sort of like The Dolls and Dogs du Muir with a hint of The Stooges in the mix. The energy and power of this band were astounding, the band were confident has the crowd in front of the stage danced and moshed while the gentler of their following were singing the lyrics at the back. After the show I managed to meet Pink Cigars guitarist who introduced himself as EDD WHYTE , Edd also introduced me to their eccentric and powerful vocalist SHARKIE COTTRELL from Bristol, then on to the rest of the Ladbroke Grove lads SAM RUTLAND bass guitar and Sid Mayall drums. After further interrogation I found out before Sharkie came along the band use to back punk underground legend STEVE DIOR of "The London Cowboys" fame. When the band met Sharkie and heard his voice they decided to do their own thing, and that, they do well! This is one high energy rock and roll band to look out for in 2011. PINK CIGAR

Uber Rock Mag. May 2011

Shambling onto the Underworld's tiny stage to the soundtrack of Ratt's 'Round And Round', Ladbroke Grove reprobates Pink Cigar actually look like the result of a drunken looting of the guys local St David's Foundation shop, all fake fur and curtain material, but boy don't they look fabulous. Pouting and preening singer Sharkie Cottrell may have studied the David Johansen book of stage swagger in its minutia but he can't hide that Minehead Rd tattoo on his arm or the BS34 patois through which he delivers his between song banter, and it's that rough and ready 'don't give a fuck' charm that quickly has the fast growing crowd leaping around like idiots. Think what it must have been like to witness the Hollywood Brats live back in '72, smear that image with a little bit of Generation XXX spunk and you have a band ready to change the face of music as we know it. You know, I'm actually a little bit ashamed to say that I hadn't heard of Pink Cigar before tonight, but mark my words we're going to hearing a hell of a lot more about them before the year is out...Now send us a CD to review ya fuckers!!!!!

MARK TAYLOR'S BIG CITY NIGHTS PINK CIGAR Notting Hill Arts Club 7th September 2011 It's not often that you get the chance to witness two gigs in one evening and certainly not that often that you can actually be bothered to do so. However tonight was an exception. Having seen country and western legend Dolly Parton earlier in the evening at the O2 Arena (yes, you did read that right, I was there on the blag and although she's got her knockers, I actually thought she was great), I decided to stop off at the trendy Notting Hill Arts Club en route towards home because the rather splendid Pink Cigar were playing just before midnight. I first witnessed Ladbroke Grove rockers Pink Cigar earlier this year when they supported the Heavy Metal Kids at the Camden Underworld and was immediately hooked by their youthful enthusiam of high energized sleazy gutter rock which contains the phelgm of Iggy Pop And The Stooges, New York Dolls, Faster Pussycat or even the Dogs D'Amour. The Arts club is packed to the rafters with uber trendy students all hell bent on having a good time. A DJ is providing some cool sounds and looking at the audience I was wondering if they would give a passing toss when Pink Cigar would come on stage, but boy, how wrong was I? The band grabbed the venue by the balls and the place was rocking. With only a tiny stage to perform on, the band were cock sure of giving a perfromance to remember. The Arts Club is split into two areas and it didn't take long for the live music room to fill up. Soon people were falling over the bands monitors, knocking over microphone stands and even some stray middle aged woman, who had obviously had a few too many gins, clamboured up on stage to grab hold of singer Sharkie Cottrell who with tongue in cheek informed everyone that she was in fact his Mother who enjoyed her time in the spotlight for a few numbers. It was choas near the front and from the side from where I was watching, it was a bit like watching a young Guns 'N Roses at the Roxy. Sharkie has a voice similar to Taime Downe of Faster Pussycat (who ironically they support at the end of the month), drummer Sid Mayall is safely at the back from the animated characters of Johnny Thunders lookalike guitarist Edd Whyte who comes up with some cool original riffs and bassist Sam Rutland who at times almost headbutts the ceiling when he was pogoing away. There's a good mixture of sounds in the set. Full on rockers such as 'Dreaming Of Love' and 'Hot Dog By The River', but the band really shine when they go for a different groove on the strutting 'Strange' or the excellent flamenco razzle of 'Gypsy' or the real howling grower 'Throat'. Pink Cigar wanted to play on, and the arty crowd was begging for more but the man on the sound desk was frantically calling cut with an imaginary knife across his throat before the place turned into a riot. Tonight's show was that good. Pink Cigar are one of the hottest new bands out there at the moment. Don't be too surprised if they blow Faster Pussycat off the stage at the Camden Underworld on October 29th. I've said this before and I'll say it again, all the women will be putting their numbers up on Pink Cigar's own bathroom wall that night. Put a pink cigar in your mouth and smoke it baby because the Pink Cigar are fully loaded. Set list: Skin Dreaming Of Love This Girl Strange Hot Dog By The River Gypsy Generation Next Throat 3.10.11

Hornet/ Pink Cigar /Enteric - London, Soho, The Intrepid Fox - 10th November 2011

Pink Cigar were up next and already I could tell I was in for a good night, from the anarchic vocal style from Skarkie Cottrell and true rock grit from Edd Whyte on guitar. Sam Rutland on bass and Sid Mayall on drums had that bit of shine expected of a no nonsense 10 pints, let's have a punch up on Brighton beach band that really caught the feel of their audience. Having to deal with stick from some minor technical issues they came through bloodied and beaten just as you should with punters smashing the hell out of each other at the front of the stage and exactly what you should expect from an up and coming rock band! Their look was great, Sharkie sporting a look crossed with Mick Jagger and Alice Cooper and the rest in a classic rock rag giving them a sense of lawlessness and raw bravado that really sealed there group nicely.

Flash Tight Pockets

Greetings viewers & passers by. Welcome to the written blog of a life spent travelling the length & breadth of the country,following rock'n'roll bands; some good,some great & some outrageously shite. Chin chin. PINK CIGAR Camden Underworld Oh baby! There's a noise coming out of London & you'd better brace yourselves, 'cause it's heading your way & there ain't a goddamn thing you can do about it. This mighty behemoth of rock'n'roll noise goes by the name of Pink Cigar & they were supporting the Heavy Metal Kids at the Camden Underworld when Madame Tightpocket & me were fortunate enough to catch 'em both on the same bill. Little did we know what we were in for when we headed from the boozer to the gig & saw a few long haired degenerates loitering outside the venue in ripped leather pants, fur coats & smudged mascara. For it was they, OH YES INDEED MATEY, it was they who treated us to the most wonderful filthy, sleazy, rock'n'roll noise that you are likely to witness. The singer, 'Sharkie' is a front man in the truest sense of the word. He's got more front than Brighton & he's a complete natural. Bloody hell, I bet this guy was performing the moment he left the womb. The guitarist; known to the English speaking world as Ed, looks like the bastard offspring of Jo Dog, Johnny T & the great Brady. But baby, can this boy play. Make no bones my dears, in a few years time this guy will be on the front of every guitar magazine known to man. Geeetar hero, is the phrase I think you were looking for my little cherubs. The beauty in watching these boys; is that they don't belong to any genre, nor do they want to. They just do what comes naturally. There's nothing contrived about 'em, they're not dressing up or trying to be something they're not. They're just being themselves & boy does that work. God forgive me, but I can't remember the names of any of their songs.(It was the first time I'd seen 'em). Boys, do let me know where I can get hold of some of your tunes. PLEEEZE. They seem to be playing every place in London that has a plug point at the moment. So when do we get to see you in the north fellas? It's cost the breadknife & me a bleedin mint travelling to & from London in recent weeks. It's so comforting to know that the future of dirty assed rock'n'roll is in the safest of hands. Boys & girls, remember the name, because you're gonna be hearing it a lot more in the not too distant future. PINK CIGAR are SMOKIN!!!!! Chin chin my dears.





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