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Doobie is the former Bass Player of 80's bands Counterfeit and John Rundle & The Maulers and also became half of the successful Fred & Doobie project. He was then hand picked and persuaded by Midnight Oils ex Manager and the Producer of The Jac Dalton Band to become their Lead Guitarist and is a current member of the in demand Boris Loves to Boogie playing over 200 shows a year. Being talked into doing this album wasn't hard (over a couple of bourbons with a young metal band) and this seemed like a reasonable request, but to make it a bit more challenging Doobie decided to play everything himself and record it in his own studio while it was still being built. The result is his first Solo album and the first released material with Doobie as the only musician.

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"INDIE ROCK MAGAZINE: Reviews 39 (May 24, 2010) "TOUCHE" Sultry rock n' roll bursts out of south Australia. Doobie Whitehorn, is an unsigned rock guitarist heavily influenced by Foghat and AC/DC. This is evident from the "gritty" track "The One," which is from the CD "Touche" released on January 1, 2009. A "grimy" tale about a man wanting to be with a beautiful woman forever. This track features dark vocals and eerie, but melodic rock guitar riffs. These features bring out the raw intensity of the song. Doobie Whitehorn brings pure attitude to rock n' roll. Leslie Snyder Band Website: " Leslie Snyder - INDIE ROCK MAGAZINE

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"..." 'Touche' is the kind of Rock that punches you in the gut and makes you sit up and pay attention. Passionate, unique, from the heart lyrics melded together with some of the greatest guitar sounds you will ever hear from a solo artist, Touche is as promised. Universal Rock with a uniquely Aussie attitude. Awesome! The long wait is over, my friends, Doobie Whitehorn is back with Style! If you need to "get out of your comfort zone", and most of us really need to.....grab a copy! A must have for any serious lover of ROCK! "... ~ Nana Mex ~ Global Thunda Network " Nana Mex

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This is Doobie the solo artist in every sense of the word. Doobie plays everything. The result is an album chock full of great rock. Although the sound has been compared to AC/DC there is so much more depth here than could be found on an AC/DC album. Doobie has taken all his influences and rolled them into one very special package that sounds like Doobie Whitehorn. The production is crisp and clear, possibly with an 80′s feel to it, before the grunge style made everything sound muddy. This album is a fantastic achievement. Posted by Paddy January 14, 2011

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New review on the new album Touché Doobie Whitehorn - Touché PDF Print Bruno's Reviews Written by Bruno de Paiva Thursday, 01 October 2009 15:48 When I first met Nana Mex some months ago she told me that Australia has the best music in the world but most people were as clueless as a tacky 1990s Alicia Silverstone film. After listening to Doobie Whitehorn’s latest album Touché I fully realized what she meant, and also realized that she is dead right. How I had never heard of Doobie before this is still a mystery that is a cluster fudge to unravel. There is no subtle introduction to Touché. I probably love that trait more than anything on the album. Straight after that play button is pressed Doobie Whitehorn shows the world what he is all about – straight forward, no frills rock with a touch of class and a dab of originality. It is something Doobie has gotten down to a fine art. All instruments, production and vocals on the album are done by the man himself, which clearly and blatantly goes to show that there really is no such thing as impossible. That, combined with lucid and deep messages is what makes Touché a special piece of work. Comfort Zone, the third song on the album epitomizes the sort of experience and gifts we are looking at. It is hard for most musicians to pull off a song with a couple of repetitive lyrics throughout the entire song, but for Doobie Whitehorn it is a synch. ‘Get out of that comfort zone; get out of that boring routine’ - That catchcry is emphatically and routinely delivered in that song in a way that leaves the listener nodding their head and singing along by the end. It gives a positive message too, considering the often mundane lives most people only too easily find themselves in nowadays. So do yourself a fine favor and do something not part of your usual routine; grab a copy of Touché by Doobie Whitehorn and have a listen.

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