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cyber metal

About Us:
ILLIDIANCE was formed back in 2005 beginning as modern black metal band with their first album "Insane Mytheries To Demise" (2006) and progressing as cyber electronics with technical black metal riffs with their second album

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This is the first official teaser trailer to the track "New Millennium Crushers" taken from the forthcoming album "Damage Theory". Filmed by Ximero Studios (an official name of clip filming department of Happy Shot organization), a professional film crew, who used blockbuster dynamics to convey the subject lines of the technogenic future of the "New Millennium Crushers". All the elements around are chained together for the technogenic future as the viewer steps into the world that is drawn by the paintbush of ILLIDIANCE. This reveals the awakening of a human kind in it's declining years from reveries and delusions that were injected directly into minds of people. Entwined in the mechanisms and cables of the collective soul of the synthetic mind, is the “Silver Lady” as her deceptive beauty draws her followers into the new wave of technocracy governance. But as the realization of the last gleam of light from the dying sun draws to the finality of the sentient past a new dawn of hope arises…. The cruel twist of fate becomes all to real as they must be liberated from the “Silver Lady” so she must die to re-awake the prosperous years in human civilization. ILLIDIANCE (Cyber Metal) - Trailer to "New Millennium Crushers"

Recording of "Damage Theory"

"DAMAGE THEORY" is a working title for a new album which consists of 11 catchy and powerful tracks, including the re-recorded material from EP "Synthetic Breed". Drums and guitars were recorded at PowerSound Studios and vocals at Czech Records. Alexander Karelin and Arcady Navaho, ones of the most well-known sound producers in CIS (Korea, Amatory, Perimeter, Stigmata, THRON), are in charge of making the album sound strong and catchy as hell. There are international guest musicians on "DAMAGE THEORY": Tony JJ (ex-Mnemic / IconInMe), Sweden; guitar virtuoso from UK Mick Priestley (The Green River Project); Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within), UK; Kenji Siratori - one of the world cyberpunk icons, Japan; Nikita and Vasiliy “Ghost” from AKADO (Russia). ILLIDIANCE is inspired by a lot of different acts, such as Fear Factory, Soilwork, Suicide Commando and EBM genre, Prodigy, Static-X, Scar Symmetry. The lyrics are based on high-tech world ideology with cyber issues, implants, modified DNA, extra-terrestrials, anthropogenic disasters, cloning. .... For now band is at the stage of signing of the contract with one of the leading Russian alternative music label – Mazzar Records to release “Damage Theory” in CIS countries. As well band signed the agreements to make a Promo release of “Damage Theory” in covermounted edition (it will include Videoclip, live videos and studio diaries as well as 6 CD tracks taken from “Damage Theory”) with CHIP magazine (100.000 copies) and Rock-Oracle zine (6000 copies) which will out in CIS countries September. Band have signed the contract to join the DVD compilation in the leading Russian metal magazine Dark City (release date – September 5 2010),with their videoclip featured on this compilation in volume of 10.000 copies. As well ILLIDIANCE and its management and engaged representatives is working on such promotional way among European zines and music portals. .... ILLIDIANCE EP “Synthetic Breed” tracks featured on following compilations:.... 1. Brutal Assault festival compilation 2006, app. 6000 copies sold worldwide. 2. F*ck ‘Em All # 5 compilation, released by Industrialized Metal Webzine (Netherlands) . 3. Time For Battle compilation, released by Einsam Vuk Agency. 4. Covermount CD compilation FEAR CANDY 72 released by TERRORIZER MAGAZINE distributed with September 2009 issue (188 issue) of Terrorizer (30.000 copies worldwide). 5. Covermount CD compilation in ISSUE 24 (February 2010) of Devolution Magazine (UK). 6. Сovermount CD compilation in the leading Russian metal magazine Dark City (June 2010), 10.000 copies. 7. CD compilation of Metalizer zine RU (june 2010) 5000 copies. As well band’s photo will be presented on the cover of this zine in august 2010.



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Hi! Good stuff. You have one more fan.
2010-02-26 at 09:26:57
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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