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Tim Slatz's Song Reviews

Song Name: Badlands
Date: 2014-07-31 21:35:28

2.  Review: Very sweet
Song Name: Snow Flower Jams Replay
Date: 2010-09-06 10:12:17
Reviewer: Metral

3.  Review: hey here you go...... OZ great tune
Song Name: The Bank took my Horse
Date: 2010-02-23


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Blues Urban Jazz C/W

About Us:
Cosmic Cowboy from down under always up for it what ever, that is be it a bit of Blues, C/W, Urban Plains, anything and anywhere. My trusty posse of instruments and sometime collaborative musical bandits take a trail less travelled rough and ready sometimes bare back. I am me because by time I got here everyone else was taken so come along for ride bring something to drink water or wine you may need both it

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2014-05-10 at 22:16:55
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2012-06-02 at 04:58:18
Tim Man, Your tunes are outta sight! :) Kay
2011-06-06 at 23:18:07
Hello dear thanks for support,it,s mean a lot to me,i thought you have a great work too here,good luck with your music:D:,cheerssss and Gretting...
2011-03-21 at 16:48:44
How are you Tim?
2011-01-24 at 18:04:44
liked the guitar on this one when you get a chance plz check out my new posts over the mountain and six weeks
2010-11-23 at 15:30:08
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2010-10-26 at 19:52:39
Hi Slatz, thats the trouble with different countries they have places with the same name ha ha. You may be in convict country but at aleast you are in a wram place, its bloddy pants here ha ha.
2010-10-24 at 15:49:57
Hey cheers for the ad. We are in Peterborough UK ha ha.
2010-10-13 at 18:28:59
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2010-06-04 at 22:35:39
Great work here!
2010-04-11 at 23:43:57
Hey Tim, nice to find you here am enjoying a peek into your world, I like Goodbye, the guitar is heartbreaking... Best to you,Lisa
2010-04-06 at 20:45:40
Hello , You said something about recording tips. Yes Sir, please go on Sincerely NOMIS
2010-04-05 at 03:40:45
thanks for your comment ;) visit me anytime on isound Many songs are free for friends like you Have a great weekend xox Lulu
2010-03-31 at 08:17:51
Thanks for stopping by! Westside moving into Eastside Terrority is the coolest song I heard today. I really like it alot!
2010-03-28 at 08:42:15
Snow Flowers all over the windows of my heart!
2010-03-23 at 11:19:49
Hey thanks! I really like your stuff as well.
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